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Acapulco Season 3 Episode 10 Preview: Release Date And More

Acapulco Season 3 Episode 10 Preview

Acapulco is a very entertaining comedy series to come out in recent years. The American-Spanish series beautifully mixes different cultures and has a funny story on the front. It started in 2021 and led to its second season. Currently, its third season is airing and being enjoyed by fans.

Acapulco Season 3 Episode 10 is the upcoming episode and we will tackle all the aspects of it that viewers are curious about. This includes details about its premise and the release date. So read on if you are a fan of this show.

Acapulco Season 3 Episode 10 Preview
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What Is Acapulco All About?

Acapulco is the creation of Jason Shuman, Austin Winsberg and Eduardo Cisneros. The main plot is derived from the 2017 American Mexican film How to Be a Latin Lover. The series focuses on Maximo Gallardo Ramos (played by Eugenio Derbez) who gets a job at a resort in Acapulco which is a very tough job. The story moves back and then forth to tell how he became rich.

Derbez, Sonia Almanza Gambaro, Austin Winsberg, Eduardo Cisneros, Chris Harris, and others are the executive producers of the show. It premiered on October 8th, 2021 on Apple TV+. Acapulco Season 3 started on May 1st, 2024.

What Happened In The Previous Episode?

Acapulco Season 3 Episode 9 was named Rock You Like a Hurricane and it was released on June 19th, 2024. Jay Karas was the director while Maggie Feakins and Gonzalo Lomeli wrote the episode. It features Gustavo showering praises on Maximo and how he handled himself when he was young. Their relationship finally heals and they start liking each other.

Maximo also shows Paloma (Vico Escorcia) his daughter the place where he met and fell for her mother. The two also had issues but the episode showcases that things are getting fixed between them.

What Happened In The Previous Episode?
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This is a good sign as we move closer to the end of this season. The penultimate episode showcases several broken rapports of Maximo with people close to him getting a fix. The story also moves back to the 1980s when the protagonist and the workers of the Las Colinas resort are bracing as a hurricane is about to hit the region.

It arrives and creates chaos but the crew is safe and so is Maximo to tell the story. The episode was emotional and the groundwork for the finale.

What To Expect From Acapulco Season 3 Episode 10?

Acapulco Season 3 Episode 10 will be the last episode of this season. So we can expect further subplots to get cleared. It will take place in 1985 and it will again focus on Maximo who was young then. He is trying his best to clear the mistakes made by him.

The hurricane has damaged the resort and he is doing his best to save it. Las Colinas will remain a major point of the finale of this season. While the young Maximo is working hard to fix things, in the present day his actions are very similar. He will be making a massive decision that will affect people around him as well as his own life.

We can expect it to be something nice that will positively affect things. Acapulco Season 3 Episode 10 will be ending this season as well as a chapter in the interesting life of Maximo who became a powerful person despite coming from nothing.

Expectations around the finale are very high as a lot of drama and comedy as well as emotional scenes will be in it. The same cast will be repeated from the previous episode.

Do We Have A Release Date?

Acapulco Season 3 Episode 10 will be released on Wednesday, June 26th, 2024 on Apple TV+ at 12 am ET. 30 minutes has been the runtime of all the episodes, hence the same is expected from the finale. It might go longer also if there is more story to conclude.

Do We Have A Release Date?
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Acapulco is a very funny and dramatic story of a guy and how he became big. The performances by all the actors are stellar which lifts the show to a different level. Acapulco Season 3 Episode 10 is the upcoming and last episode of this season.

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