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Among Us Animated Series Official Title Teaser Revealed And More

Among Us

Among Us is a very popular online game that provides multiplayer gameplay to users. Its success started the buzz around its adaptation on the streaming platform or television. Currently, an animated show, inspired by the game, is in the works and is very anticipated by viewers.

Fans of the game are particularly excited about the upcoming animated series adaptation as they want to look at how the makers have taken the format and molded it for the viewers. Read on if you are also excited and want to know about this series.

What Is Among Us All About?

Among Us is a video game that was released in 2018 and it takes place in a space-like setting where players are given colorful characters to play. Upon release, the game was a moderate success but saw a surge during the lockdowns induced by the pandemic which saw many YouTubers as well as Twitch users playing the game regularly.

In June 2023, it was announced that an animated series adapted from the game was in the works. CBS Studios is the creative force while Owen Dennis is the creator and executive producer. He had earlier created Infinity Train which is an animated show.

CBS Eye Animation Productions and Innersloth are jointly producing the series. The plot of the series will be about the crew whom the aliens with shapeshifting powers have replaced. The impostor must be identified or a total destruction is imminent.

The executive producers of the show include Shannon Prynoski, Marcus Bromander, Chris Prynoski, Forest Willard, Carl Neisser, Antonio Canobbio and Ben Kalina.

Do We Have A Trailer?

On June 8th, the official YouTube channel of Inner sloth released the title trailer of Among Us the animated series. The trailer had a duration of 53 seconds and it started with a spaceship stopping in front of a planet that transitions into a pizza. It is taken out of the oven by the colorful crew members. However, a shadowy figure is seen standing behind them.

The same figure appears when another crew is playing a video game. We then see everyone signing a waiver form when the figure appears again. It is followed by a series of scenes that showcase the figure everywhere on the ship. The crew is celebrating with a banner ‘We’re not dead’. That is when the figure appears and hides ‘not’ from the banner. It then ends with the actors of the show.

Who Is In The Cast?

Among Us the animated series will feature several interesting actors lending their voice to different characters. Randall Park will be Captain Red in the series while Ashley Johnson will voice Purple, the security chief on the ship.

Other actors who have lent their voices are Patton Oswalt (White the winner of the contest), Elijah Wood (Green, an intern who has not been paid), Phil LaMarr (Brown the cook), Wayne Knight (Lime), Yvette Nicole Brown (Orange the HR), Debra Wilson (Yellow, another cook). However, there is still a mystery around which actor has voiced the imposter in the series.

Who Is In The Cast?
Credits: Variety

Do We Have A Release Date?

So far, Innersloth has not announced any news related to the release date of Among Us the animated series. But we can expect the series to drop sometime in 2024 since it has been in the making for a while.

Now that the title trailer is also released, some more news can also be revealed in the coming days. The series already has a sizable audience waiting for it as the people who enjoyed the game. Chances are that Among Us will be out sometime in the fall of this year.


Among Us enjoys a strong fanbase of gamers who discovered the game during the pandemic. The quest to find the imposter in different settings was something people loved. This spiked the game’s popularity and now has led studios to have its animated series adaptation.

People have been eagerly waiting for the series to release since last year when it was first announced. We can expect a different treatment in the series compared to the game and there will be more humor and drama in it which we can’t wait to see.

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