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Animal Control Season 2: Release Date, Storyline, And Everything We Know

Animal Control

“Animal Control” is a story about Frank. He leads a varied team of local animal control officers as they navigate the complexity of human-animal dynamics. Despite his lack of formal education, Frank leads the team with his vast insight, which he has gained via copious reading.

Frank’s eccentricity shines through in the simplicity of animals, highlighting the complexities of human behaviour. Ever since its first season came out, fans have been loving the show so far. If you’re one of them and want to know about the updates of season two, you are at the right place. So, read on.

What Is Animal Control All About?

Frank’s past life as a cop casts a shadow on his current work in local animal control. He gets dismissed for exposing wrongdoing and has a cynical demeanour. Despite his harsh exterior, he has extraordinary sensitivity to animals. Frank’s natural comprehension surpasses human intricacies, resulting in a unique bond with the species he serves.

What Is Animal Control All About?
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While his colleagues struggle with the complexities of human behaviour, Frank smoothly navigates the simplicity of animal impulses. Despite his turbulent past, Frank’s extraordinary gift remains a beacon of hope, illuminating the path in a world where animals offer consolation despite human conflict.

What Will The New Season Be About?

The audience was gripped by the suspense as Season 1 of the show came to an end, wondering what surprises “Animal Control” Season 2 would hold. Several people were left in dangerous situations in the finale, which paved the way for intriguing twists in the next season.

Shred must go on a path of self-discovery and atonement as he struggles with the loss of both his girlfriend and his unfulfilled love for Emily. Emily’s personal and professional lives are becoming even more complicated as she navigates the delicate beginnings of a romance with Rick.

What Will The New Season Be About?
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The interaction that is developing between Shred and Frank is quite fascinating. A light of optimism may be seen within the chaos, despite their turbulent background, as their relationship appears to be making progress. Viewers may anticipate that Season 2 will explore season-spanning narratives and go deeper into character arcs as the Northwest Seattle Animal Control crew prepares for the unknown. It promises to be an exciting voyage full of mayhem and drama.

Do We Have A Release Date?

Yes. There is one. The highly-anticipated Season 2 of “Animal Control” premieres on FOX on March 6, 2024. Viewers eagerly await the continuation of the captivating storyline, filled with romance, redemption, and the unpredictable dynamics of the Animal Control crew.

Do We Have A Trailer?

Yes, indeed. We can see a funny trailer has been launched by the creators of “Animal Control”. In the trailer, we get a glimpse of the new challenges the Animal Control crew will face and how they enjoy their job even though they have to deal with animals. It almost seems like they like animals more than human beings. The trailer seems promising which is making the fans of the show even more excited about the upcoming season.

Who Will Be In The Cast?

Joel McHale, best known for playing the passionate Frank Shaw in “Community,” is returning to reprise his role in Season 2. Recognised from “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” Vella Lovell returns to her role as the mild-mannered Emily Price. Michael Rowland, a stand-up comedian, continues to bring life to the amateur and upbeat partner, Shred.

Who Will Be In The Cast?
Credits: Variety

Joining the ensemble are Ravi V. Patel, known for his work in “Master of None,” as Amit, and Grace Palmer, recognized for her role in “Shortland Street,” as Victoria. You might recognise Gerry Dee from “Mr. D”, he will portray Commissioner Dudge. Alongside, we have Kelli Ogmundson and you might recognise him from “Supernatural”, he will be taking the role of Dolores.

Alvina August, known for “Nancy Drew,” steps into the shoes of Dr. Summers, and Amy Goodmurphy, a comedian, brings AM Dispatch to life. Lastly, Kevin Bigley, seen in “Upload,” embodies the character Rick Doyle, rounding out the diverse and talented cast of “Animal Control” Season 2.


“Animal Control” Season 2 promises to be a thrilling continuation of the captivating storyline, filled with romance, redemption, and the unpredictable dynamics of the Northwest Seattle Animal Control crew. With an ensemble cast led by Joel McHale, viewers can expect an exploration of deeper character arcs and season-spanning narratives.

As the premiere date approaches on March 6, 2024, fans eagerly anticipate the release. It’s a journey that promises to deliver excitement, mayhem, and drama in abundance.

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