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Apple TV+’s Disclaimer: Release Date And Everything We Know

Apple TV+'s Disclaimer

Apple TV+ will be coming up with yet another miniseries this year that will blow everyone. This one is called Disclaimer and what makes it very special is the person who has made it. Since its announcement, the buzz around this psychological thriller series has been immense.

All the aspects of this miniseries have generated so much excitement that viewers will simply flock toward the streamer to enjoy it when it comes out. Given the intrigue around that, we will be answering the release date of Disclaimer so continue reading.

Apple TV+'s Disclaimer
Credits: TVLine

What Is The Plot of Disclaimer?

Alfonso Cuarón has written as well as directed Disclaimer and it’s adapted from the namesake novel which came out in 2015 and was penned by Renée Knight. It is about a journalist named Catherine Ravenscroft who notices that a novel has somehow appeared on her bedside.

She then starts reading it out of curiosity and things escalate from there. Catherine realizes that she is the main character in the story of the novel.

It doesn’t end there as the storyline also exposes a long-buried truth of hers which she had successfully kept secret. She finds herself in a weird situation given that her entire career was built on exposing the secrets of others. This is a very exciting plot and enough to intrigue anyone even those who have not read the source material.

Given that it’s helmed by Cuarón, who has an impressive track record of work, we can expect a very complex, gritty, and character-driven drama that will shake the viewers. The executive producers of the miniseries include Cuarón, Blanchett, Gabriela Rodríguez, Dawn Olmstead, Steve Golin and David Levine.

The Cast of Disclaimer

Disclaimer features Oscar award-winning performer Cate Blanchett in the lead role. So we can expect a very fine acting performance from her in this series. Besides her, it also stars Kevin Kline who has had a long and award-winning career in both films and stage. He is also the winner of an Oscar and three Tony Awards.

The Cast of Disclaimer
Credits: Apple

Borat sensation and talented actor-comedian Sacha Baron Cohen is also playing a pivotal role. The series also stars Kodi Smit-McPhee, Louis Partridge, Lesley Manville, HoYeon Jung, Liv Hill, Gemma Jones, Leila George and Youssef Kerkour among others.

The star cast of Disclaimer is very diverse and interesting and boasts a lot of talent. Strong performances and nice on-screen chemistry are a given for this series.

What is the Release Date of Disclaimer?

Disclaimer will be released on October 11th, 2024, on Apple TV+. So far, we don’t know how many episodes the series will have but it can be expected to be around four to six. The series was shot in several locations like Sydney, Archway London as well as Mexico and South Africa. It started around June 2022 and ended in April 2023.

Fans of Alfonso have really missed his work in recent times. It has been six years since he directed Roma and ten years since his television series Believe came out.

So it’s obvious that there are long gaps which has made the fans miss his creation a lot. Thankfully, Disclaimer is coming and they can expect a really wild ride given that it’s a genre series.

Alfonso knows how to play with suspense and mystery as is evident in Gravity and Children of Men. So the same kind of thrilling ride is expected from Disclaimer. Another plus is the cast which includes Blanchett. She, along with other actors, will be nailing the acting department of this series.

It is based on a very acclaimed book which has a gripping storyline. That means the source material is strong and the makers have got much stuff to adapt.


Disclaimer is easily a very anticipated series of this year. 2024 has been an exciting time for Apple TV+ who came up with many interesting miniseries like Manhunt.

So we can expect this Alfonso Cuaron-directed series to be on top of everyone’s list. Fans are now eagerly waiting for October 11th so that they can get to enjoy all the episodes. The release date is quite far also but fans are committed to wait.

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