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Apple TV+’s Palm Royale Episode 6 Preview

Palm Royale

Palm Royale, Apple TV+’s latest series, set in the late 60’s is in full swing at the moment as every episode solves old mysteries and introduces new secrets. There’s always something to look forward to, especially after Palm Royale Episode 5, which showcased Maxine learning more about her husband Douglas and Linda, whom she always considered an ally in Palm Beach.

In every episode, Maxine’s relationship with the people of Palm Beach is changing, which raises the curiosity of what could possibly happen in Palm Royale Episode 6, since the previous episodes have been so packed already. If you are curious about the future of this series, keep reading this article to catch a glimpse of what might happen in Palm Royale Episode 6.

What Happened in Palm Royale Episode 5?

Palm Royale Episode 5 was one of the strongest episodes of the Apple TV+ series so far as it gave the audience and Maxine more clarity about the people in Palm Beach, more importantly Douglas and Linda, and what went down almost two decades ago.

In addition to this, Norma, who was at her worst in the pilot episode, is getting better, and better enough to be at the golf course. All those in Palm Beach wishing for Norma to not get better, might have to keep a look out moving forward.

What Happened in Palm Royale Episode 5?
Credit: Apple TV+

Maxine and Robert also shared a moment in Palm Royale Episode 5, and it will be interesting to see if more of that will be explored in future episodes. As for the rolodex and all the secrets inside it were destroyed by Linda, in front of Norma and Maxine. Looks like Norma feeling better wasn’t going to last that long.

What Will Happen in Palm Royale Episode 6?

The title of Palm Royale Episode 6 is, “Maxine Takes a Step.” This clearly indicates that once again, Maxine might do something drastic that not only affects her but all those around her. The next episode will also be fun for all those who are enjoying the production side of Palm Royale, especially the costumes and set-up because Palm Royale Episode 6 will have the Beach Ball, and that’s something to look forward to.

There will also be a visiting prince in this particular episode of Palm Royale, and the two people who are keen to impress him, are none other than Douglas and Maxine, whose marriage might just be back on track. It will be interesting to see if Norma continues to feel better in the upcoming episode of Palm Royale, and whether or not she will finally say something.

When Will Palm Royale Episode 6 Release?

In the usual Apple TV+ fashion, the episodes of Palm Royale will continue to be released weekly, which means Palm Royale Episode 6 will premiere on April 10, 2024, exclusively on the streaming platform.


If you are as hooked on to Palm Royale as we are, then make sure you keep a look out for our review on Palm Royale Episode 6!

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