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Bad Boys 4: When Is It Releasing?

Bad Boys 4

Bad Boys is one of the most successful and iconic action comedy film franchises in not just Hollywood but the entire world. Headlined by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, the series has become one of the fan favorites over the years. Lately, there has been a buzz around the fourth Bad Boys film titled Bad Boys Ride or Die.

Bad Boys 4
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Ever since Bad Boys 4 was announced, fans of the franchise have been wondering when it will be released on the silver screen. If you are one of them, then we have got you covered so keep on reading.

What Is Bad Boys All About?

The first film in the franchise was titled Bad Boys and it was released in the year 1995. The film marked the directorial debut of Michale Bay and starred Will Smith alongside Martin Lawrence. Upon its release, the film turned out to be a major commercial success but received mixed critical reviews.

What Is Bad Boys All About?
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Bad Boys followed the story of two cops Detective Sergeant Marcus Miles Burnett (Lawrence) and Detective Sergeant Michael Eugene Lowrey aka Mike (Smith) who live in Miami and overlook the narcotics unit.

It was followed by a sequel titled Bad Boys 2 which was released in the year 2003 and saw the return of Smith and Lawrence in the lead roles. The buddy action cop story chronicles both cops investigating the strong flow of drugs in the city of Miami, Florida. Despite negative reviews, the film turned out to be a box-office success.

The third installment in the franchise, titled Bad Boys for Life, was released 17 years after the second installment. This time it was directed by the Belgian filmmaker duo of Adil & Bilall while Smith and Lawrence returned for the lead roles. The cop duo goes on a face-off with a drug cartel headlined by a duo of a mother and a son. Bad Boys for Life ended up becoming a major commercial and success. Unlike previous installments, this one was well-received by critics as well.

What Happened In The End Of Bad Boys For Life?

Towards the end of Bad Boys for Life, Mike meets Isabel and confronts her for hiding the truth from him. It is followed by a shootout sequence between the AMMO and the henchmen of Isabel. Marcus then confronts Isabel, while Mike tells everything to Armando. Mike is then beaten by Armando and he does not fight back.

What Happened In The End Of Bad Boys For Life?
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Armando then asks his mother about the truth after which Isabel informs him that Mike is his actual biological father. He then gets into an argument with his mother which leads to her shooting her son as she aims at Mike. As she tries to shoot Mike once again, she is shot by Rita.

Later on, we see that Rita has become the Captain. At the same time, both Marcus and Mike have been shifted to take care of AMMO. In the end, Armanod is paid a visit by Mike in jail. He is offered a chance to seek revenge which he finally accepts.

Is Bad Boys 4 Happening?

Yes, Bad Boys 4 is indeed happening. The massive critical and commercial success of Bad Boys for Life prompted the makers and the studio to greenlight a fourth installment. This news filled the fans of the much-loved franchise with excitement and joy.

When Is Bad Boys 4 Releasing?

Right after the success of the third installment, the studio greenlit Bad Boys 4 which eventually got the title of Bad Boys Ride or Die. The much-awaited film will be released theatrically across the globe on June 7, 2024. It will be directed by Adil & Bilall who previously helmed the third installment. The screenplay has been penned by Chris Bremner.

When Is Bad Boys 4 Releasing?
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Who Will Be In The Cast?

Will Smith (who plays the role of Detective Lieutenant Michael Eugene Lowrey) and Martin Lawrence (Detective Lieutenant Marcus Miles Burnett) will be returning in Bad Boys Ride or Die. Vanessa Hudgens, who played the role of Kelly, the gun expert from AMMO) will be returning in the fourth installment. She was there in the third film.

Who Will Be In The Cast?

Apart from them, Alexander Ludwig (Dorn), Paola Núñez (Lieutenant Rita Secada), Tasha Smith (Theresa Burnett), John Salley (Fletcher), Eric Dane (Banker), DJ Khaled (Manny the Butcher) and Jacob Scipio (Armando Aretas) among others are also a part of the franchise. Tasha Smith has replaced Theresa Randle in the film who had earlier played the role of Marcu’s spouse.


Bad Boys remains a highly successful franchise in the industry. The name is synonymous with high-octane action sequences, very over-the-top dialogues as well as funny scenes. Every film has the duo of Smith and Lawrence taking on a new villain in Miami. One of the biggest highlights of Bad Boys is the rapport between the two actors who take the film to the next level with their sense of humor and style.

They are visibly comfortable with each other which reflects in their performances. What started out in the mid1-990s nearly 30 years ago, has gradually become a powerful franchise. Over the years, Bad Boys has grown into a multi-million dollar franchise with every installment becoming a major blockbuster. After an 18-year gap, the franchise is back in full swing ever since Bad Boys for Life was released.

Its success has generated an insane amount of anticipation for Bad Boys 4 as fans want to see their favorite cop duo taking on bad guys in Miami. Now that the release date of Bad Boys Ride or Die is locked, people are rushing to plan to watch it on the big screen.

Bad Boys Ride or Die is the second film in the franchise to not involve Michael Bay. It remains a much-awaited project of the year 2024. We can expect the release of its trailer in the coming weeks.

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