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Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9 Episode 6 Recap: Bri vs. Ellie

Below Deck Mediterranean

Bri believed Ellie was using her position to humiliate her in “Below Deck Mediterranean” Season 9, Episode 6. Ellie dismissed this as Bri playing the victim, but Bri suspected it was because she had hooked up with Joe, whom Ellie liked.

Yes, this is how the episode started! Imagine all the drama that unfolded in the episode later. If you’re a fan of the show and want to know what happened in the latest developments in “Below Deck Mediterranean”, keep reading! 

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9 Episode 6
Credits: Bravo

The Stew Showdown Heats Up on Below Deck Mediterranean

In “Below Deck Mediterranean” Season 9 Episode 6, tensions escalated between Bri and Ellie aboard the yacht as we already mentioned above. We see Ellie complain to Joe in the crew mess about Bri’s tendency to magnify little matters and present herself as a victim.

Later, Ellie addressed Aesha, denying allegations of attacking Bri. Aesha mediated the issue, telling both groups to focus on their responsibilities until the charter’s finished. Concerned about Bri’s sleeping arrangements, Aesha asked Bri to follow cabin rules, which Bri did that night, hoping to avoid more confrontations.

Later in “Below Deck Mediterranean” Season 9 Episode 6, Ellie, who felt unfairly portrayed, faced backlash after delaying dinner prep. Aesha took note of the event, signaling that Ellie overestimated her ability in comparison to the consequences of tiny blunders. Ellie showed frustration during a confessional, believing she was being treated unfairly in comparison to Bri. 

The Stew Showdown Heats Up on Below Deck Mediterranean
Credits: Bravo

After getting many visitor complaints, Chef Jono realized how important it was to serve impeccable food. His breakfast service began nicely with perfectly done lobster benedicts, which set a positive tone. However, the pressure increased throughout the evening service. The visitors enjoyed the crispy calamari appetizer before moving on to the sea bass main dish, which received excellent reviews.

Captain Sandy expressed pleasure in a confessional, seeing Jono’s presentation as a significant improvement over previous charters. She appreciated the comfort of having a backup chef while also praising Jono’s remarkable turnaround.

Windlass Woes and Dead Batteries

Bosun Iain struggled with leadership on the yacht, demonstrating a lack of purpose and initiative. On the last day of the charter, Deckhand Nathan noticed that the windlass, which is critical for anchor operations, was malfunctioning and making weird noises.

Later we see that Captain Sandy opted to use the yacht’s spare windlass in addition to the malfunctioning one.

Windlass Woes and Dead Batteries
Credits: Bravo

To make matters worse, the second officer discovered that the tender’s battery had been left on overnight, causing it to lose power. Captain Sandy, upset with the timing of the negligence, addressed the deck team for accountability.

The stress increased as the charter guests had flights booked for that afternoon. These troubles caused delays of up to 25 minutes, which, by the way, were worsened when the line helping the defective windlass snapped unexpectedly!

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“Below Deck Mediterranean” Season 9 Episode 6 ended with a dramatic conclusion of both interior and exterior crew issues. Tensions flared between Bri and Ellie, while Chef Jono managed to impress with his food despite earlier struggles. On deck, Bosun Iain’s mistakes with the windlass and tender threatened to delay the departing guests, leaving Captain Sandy frustrated.

With the guests on the verge of missing their flights, we are left wondering if the crew will overcome these challenges! What are your thoughts on the latest episode of “Below Deck Mediterranean” Season 9? Let us know!

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