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Big Mood: Release Date, Storyline, And Everything We Know

Big Mood

Big Mood is an upcoming television series in the comedy genre. It is created and penned by Camilla Whitehill while Rebecca Asher serves as its director. The series has Lydia West and Nicola Coughlan in lead roles along with other actors. Since its announcement, fans of the genre are eagerly waiting for its release.

Big Mood
Credits: Channel 4

If you are wondering when Big Mood will be released and more about its cast and other details, this article answers all those burning questions. So keep reading to know more about it.

What Is Big Mood All About?

Big Mood tells the story of Maggie (played by Irish actor Nicola Coughlan) and Eddie (played by British actor Lydia West). The two are best buddies and have been friends for ten years through the ups and downs of life. However, their life shifts when Maggie suffers from bipolar disorder and it makes a comeback in her life.

The duo then struggles with the mounting pressure of everything including work and life. Their long-lasting and strong friendship goes through the ultimate test as they go through all these problems together.

What Is Big Mood All About?
Credits: Channel 4

Lotte Beasley Mestriner, Chris Carey, and Laurence Bowen are serving as the executive producers of Big Mood while Georgie Fallon is one of the producers under the production banner Dancing Ledge Productions. It was earlier called Super Close and was later changed to Big Mood. So far, the makers have only released several first looks from the series centered around its lead characters.

Do We Have A Release Date?

The maiden season of Big Mood will premiere on 28 March 2024 on Channel 4. It will consist of six episodes and will air between 10 pm and 10.30 pm. As the release date nears, audiences have been really excited to see this story that makes a perfect blend of drama and humor. While it’s not clear where the US audience can enjoy the show, we can expect the makers to clear the air about the same in the coming days.

If it succeeds, we can expect a second season to be greenlit by the channel in no time which will follow the leads. But it will depend on the ending and the response the show gets.

Who Is In The Cast?

Nicola Coughlan is playing the lead role of Maggie. She is best known for her role in the British teen comedy series Derry Girls as well as Netflix’s period drama Bridgerton. She has also done films like Greta Gerwig’s Barbie and Svengali among others.

Throughout her career, Coughlan has aced in both comedic as well as dramatic roles in different projects. Big Mood seems particularly for her as she has to portray the role of a mentally ill person.

Who Is In The Cast?
Credits: Glamour UK

Lydia West will also be seen as Eddie in the series. She was earlier seen in the British sitcom It’s a Sin where she did the role of Jill Baxter. Apart from them, Big Mood also stars Joanna Page, Niamh Cusack, Eamon Farren, Luke Fetherston, Kate Fleetwood, Rob Gilbert, Rebecca Lowman, Ukweli Roach, Amalia Vitale, Olu Adaeze, and Max Bennett as well as Skylar Betteridge among many other talented names. It also has Sally Phillips starring as a medical expert who tries to help Maggie as she battles her bipolar.

Overall, Big Mood is headlined by many talented actors who have a proven track record of strong performances. So we can expect some really good acting in the series which will uplift its story filled with comedy and drama.


Big Mood was first announced back in July 2023 and the makers gave a glimpse of the show’s plot synopsis which was enough to generate excitement. The show is different from other comedy dramas out there as it deals with mental health issues which is almost an epidemic in today’s time. We can expect the makers to tell a really funny story while touching upon a sensitive topic.

The involvement of names like Coughlan and West has further amped up the excitement around Big Mood. The depiction of mental health on the big screen has been few and very far between. But Big Mood has raised the stakes and the audiences are really eager to watch the series. Another good thing is that the makers have opted for only six episodes, making it a very short, crisp, and exciting watch.

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