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Brent Bushnell Net Worth 2024: Biography, Wife And Age

Brent Bushnell

Brent Bushnell is an American business who serves as the Chief Executive Officer of a company named Two Bit Circus. He is a big name in the realm of business but he is mostly known as the husband of Hollywood actress Maggie Grace. Because of his high profile relationship, people often want to know more about him and his personal lesser talked about aspects.

If you are one of those, this article is for you so keep reading.

NameBrent Bushnell
Age44 years
Nationality American
WifeMaggie Grace
ParentsNolan & Nancy Bushnell
Height6 ft 1
Zodiac signVirgo
Eye colorBlue
Hair colorBrown

Who Is Brent Bushnell?

Brent Bushnell serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a company called Two Bit Circus. Based in Los Angeles, the company provides arcade games, and arenas for motion platforms among other things. It works by providing different forms of mediums for entertainment by creating small-sized theme parks, VRs and other things.

Who Is Brent Bushnell?
Credits: AWS

The company had earlier also created STEAM carnival which was a traveling event based around science made for children. Apart from being its CEO, Bushnell is also one of its co-founders.

Besides Two Bit Circus, Bushnell is also a co-founder of another company named Synn Labs. It was created by a bunch of creative minds as well as engineers and the company used to provide stunts for several high-profile brands like Google and Disney.

The company was also involved in the creation of the Rube Goldberg machine made by OK Go. The interesting thing about it is that it was featured in the music video titled This Too Shall Pass which went viral. Professionally, Bushnell is a businessperson and software engineer as well as an electrical engineer.

Other Ventures of Brent Bushnell

Bushnell attended the University of California, Los Angeles. He also heads the Two Bit Circus Foundation which works towards creating more STEAM carnival for children in order to generate more awareness and interest around science and technology.

Other Ventures of Brent Bushnell
Credits: Linkedin

Earlier, Bushnell was also one of the inventors for the ABC’s show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. He is one of those folks who believes in passing on the knowledge and experience he has gained over so many years. Hence, Bushnell enjoys mentorship of teens in various entrepreneurship programs like the NFTE. He also does charity work and supports different causes.

Bushnell is also an avid supporter of Clowns Without Borders, which is a Spanish organization for humanitarian efforts. They focus on clowns who perform for kids in war-torn regions. Bushnell spends his money wisely on efforts that he feels create a positive impact and are worthy of his association.

Personal Details

Brent Brushnell’s date of birth is September 5, 1979. He was born in Los Angeles, California where he currently resides. As of 2024, he is 44 years old. The height of Brushnell is 6 feet 1 inches, making him a tall and towering figure.

His father is Nolan Bushnell who has worked as an advisor at a company called Esports Technologies. His mother’s name is Nancy Bushnell. Brent also has seven siblings with whom he shares a healthy bond. His zodiac sign is Virgo.

Personal Details
Credits: Brent Bushnell

Bushnell is also active on Instagram where he enjoys more than two thousand followers. He often uses the platform to share pictures of his personal life and his work.

Brent Bushnell’s Wife

In February 2017, Bushnell got engaged to actress Maggie Grace. The couple tied the knot on May 28th of the same year. In October 2020, the duo welcomed their first child. Grace is a popular actress and has done several successful films in her career. Some of the most popular films of her include the Taken franchise, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Down (both the first and second part), Lockdown and the Hurricane Heist among others. Her performance in these films has been well received.

Brent Bushnell's Wife
Credits: People

Apart from films, she has also appeared in several television shows like the survival thriller Lost where she played the lead role of Shannon Rutherford. Apart from that, she appeared in the first season of Susanna, Fear the Walking Dead, The Althea Tapes, Californication, Oliver Beene, etc.

Brent Bushnell Net Worth

The total net worth of Brent Bushnell is approximately around $10 million. His monthly income is estimated to be $80k while his yearly income is $980k. A majority of the money he earns comes from his involvement with his company Two Bit Circus.

Apart from that, he also earns from Synn Labs. Being a smart businessman, Bushnell also invests in companies and startups. He has put his money into ventures that he seems interested in.


Brent Bushnell is a successful businessman without a doubt. Coming from a business family, it was in his DNA and he was bound to excel in it. His actions showcase that Bushnell never took any of his privileges for granted and worked hard to reach where he is now in life.

Bushnell has always been interested in technology and used his technical brain to good use. While working in the entertainment field, he has made sure to integrate something meaningful and educational in it. Even his earlier business ventures also showcased the same acumen as they weren’t just done for the money.

While Bushnell is mostly known as the husband of actress Maggie Grace, he is a big name in the realm of entrepreneurs. His skills often lead him to do interesting technical innovations involving virtual reality and whatnot. In his long and successful career, Brent has been able to combine fun with great innovations. This is the reason why his company is one of the leading players in the creation of STEAM carnivals which help in generating interest in a variety of topics related to science and technology.

Unlike many people in the field of business, Brent has carved a niche in a unique way for himself. He has also been able to achieve success in a niche field that most people can only imagine. His journey, which was filled with ups and downs and setbacks, is a source of inspiration for people planning to venture into business of any kind.

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