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Danae Hays Net Worth 2024: Biography, Wife, Age, Wiki, and Hidden Facts


Danae Hays is a multi-talented personality. She is a comedian, musician, social media influencer, TikToker, YouTuber and an internet personality. With so many talents and facets in her, Hays is one of the most interesting personalities out there. Because of her diverse body of work, fans often wonder and are interested to know more about her.

If you want to know more about Hays’ life, continue reading.

NameDanae Hays
OccupationTiktoker, Comedian
WifeMandie Kaii
Age30 years
Height5 '8'
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorBrown

What Does She Do?

Danae Hays is a comedian, social media influencer, YouTuber, and many other things. Her fame and prominence skyrocketed after she started posting videos on TikTok. Her content mostly covers a wide range of subjects including humor, as well as educational stuff.

What Does She Do?
Credits: AF Magazine

Hays content also focuses on couples who are married and it has struck a chord with that demographic in a beautiful way. Hays is also a comedian with sharp observation skills. Her work overall ticks the boxes of entertainment as well as education. Apart from that, she is also a talented musician and often puts out videos on YouTube. Some of her tracks include All It Takes and Rode Hard which were well received.

She also shares funny videos on YouTube that give a glimpse into her life but with a touch of humor. Hays, who is also a coach, enjoys around 2.6 million followers on the video-sharing platform TikTok. Apart from the funny stuff, she also shares videos that are instructional in nature.

Her videos on TikTok have amassed around 70 million likes thanks to their feel-good nature. She also shares videos on her YouTube channel with her spouse. Her channel has around 175 videos that enjoy over four million views. The channel, named after Hays, has around 132k subscribers.

Her journey started with a video called Why did I do that? In the year 2021, she did a viral prank call which catapulted her towards fame. So far, the video has around 33 million views. She is also known for playing Sharon Jean as well as being a Southern woman in different situations. Hays also does prank calls that are loved by her fans.

Hays also has a strong presence on Instagram where she enjoys around 325k fan followers. She also earns a sizable amount through her social media posts as well as other ventures. She also uses it to share her pictures with her fans.

Personal Details And Hidden Facts

Danae Hays date of birth is February 14, 1993, in the city of Morris, Alabama in the United States of America. Her father is Denish Hays while her mother’s name is Ken Hays. Danae also has a sister named Danielle Hays who is older than her. Hays was brought up in a loving family which helped in the development of her interesting personality. She is currently 30 years old.

Personal Details And Hidden Facts
Credits: LGBTQ Nation

When it comes to education, Hays studied at Mortimer Jordan High School. She then attended a university in Alabama to complete her graduation. Hays is 5 feet 8 inches tall and has a towering personality. There’s a lesser-known fact about Hays’ life and it has to do with athletics.

She has served as a softball player for her home state Alabama. In 2012, she was a part of the Crimson Tide team during the College World Series as it won that year’s championship. Hays started playing softball at the young and tender age of five. She then went on to earn high school state titles on three different occasions in Mortimer Jordan. Apart from that, Hays also has a state record under her name with 59 non-stop victories.

In her college days, Hays took part in several games, appearing for a total of 57 times. She was bestowed with the title of NFCA All-America Scholar-Athlete during her Freshman year in college. Later on, Hays quit softball but now enjoys playing golf at times. Another interesting fact is that her mother had sent her to conversion therapy early on.

Danae Hays Wife

Danae identifies as a lesbian and is married to social media personality Mandie Kaii who comes from Seal Beach, California. The duo said their vows in April 2021. The couple currently lives in Nashville, TN.

Danae Hays Wife
Credits: Instagram

The duo also creates content together under the name of ‘Mandie + Danae’ on YouTube and social media platforms. In it, the couple touches upon the topics of married people in a humorous way.

Danae Hays Net Worth 2024

As of 2024, the total net worth of Danae Hays is estimated to be around $4.5 Million with a majority of her income coming from TikTok and YouTube. She also monetized her social media handles and earns per paid post. Apart from that, she also earns through coaching and comic gigs.

Her spouse has a net worth of $2.1 million. Unlike others, Hays has a varied source of income which helps her in creating all kinds of content.


Danae Hays is different in today’s day and age, where the internet is cluttered with influencers. Apart from her humorous videos, Hays also creates content that is educational in purpose. Her work talks about life and relationships and it has helped widen her reach among other audiences.

On one hand, she tickles everyone with her refreshing humor, at the same time she also educates people with her content. Her infectious personality and overall charm have helped to amass so many fans and followers. Her healthy rapport with her wife also establishes strong relationship goals for everyone. The duo are comfortable in each other’s skin which shows in the content they create together.

Hays’s journey from a modest beginning to achieving so much in a short span of time is a testament to her talent and perseverance. She also has so many shades in her personality including an athlete, a comedian, and many more. Hays’ humor works on so many levels and reaches out to everyone because of how relatable they are. She remains a strong source of inspiration due to her dedication to her craft and the level of success she has achieved.

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