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Franklin Episode 3 Recap: Benjamin’s Burdens


“Franklin” follows Benjamin Franklin’s well-known proficiency with electrical experiments and is set in December 1776. His skills will be put to the test, though, when he travels covertly to France, where the future of American independence hangs in the balance. Now that Apple TV+ has released the first three episodes, let’s check out what has happened so far in the series.

The Fallout of Gilbert’s Alleged Death

In “Franklin,” episode 3, the story takes a dramatic turn on September 11, 1777, near Brandywine Creek, Pennsylvania. Washington ordered the Marquis de Lafayette, who was wounded in combat, to receive immediate medical attention. The news of Gilbert’s alleged death infuriates French Foreign Minister Vergennes, who accuses Benjamin Franklin of having approved Gilbert’s trip to America in defiance of royal orders.

Monsieur Gerard is given the responsibility of criticising Franklin by Vergennes; in response, he emphasises that Gilbert’s passing presents a chance to further Franco-American relations. Subsequently, Vergennes struggles to finance American causes and encounters opposition because of his financial limitations and political standing as a colonial supporter.

The Fallout of Gilbert's Alleged Death
Credits: Apple TV+

In the middle of Gilbert’s grieving, Temple Franklin accuses Benjamin of abandoning his family and vents her hatred and grief. Their connection is further strained as Temple divulges information regarding his father’s predicament and Benjamin’s alleged transgressions.

Temple races to Paris to break the unexpected news that Gilbert is alive and has been elevated to general. Benjamin, on the other hand, wants Temple to leave the letter behind for contemplation because he is underwhelmed and has few resources.

Bonds Between Benjamin and Anne

Later in a heartfelt scene from “Franklin,” a troubled individual named Anne Louise Brillon de Jouy (played by Ludivine Sagnier) finds comfort in Benjamin Franklin (played by Michael Douglas). As they paint together, Anne becomes increasingly distressed when she sees her husband cheating close by. Subtly removing her daughter from the awful sight, she sends her away.

Bonds Between Benjamin and Anne
Credits: Apple TV+

When Anne and Benjamin are alone in a park, Anne confides in Benjamin about her loneliness and melancholy. Overwhelmed by his obligations and deteriorating health, Benjamin confides in Anne about his difficulties. He conveys his frustration with closed doors and the passing of time, which is exacerbated by health issues like gout.

Benjamin apologises for telling Anne about his problems, yet he still finds consolation in her understanding and certainty. Their conversation highlights the emotional complexity that cuts across political and social landscapes, underlining themes of vulnerability and shared humanity amid historical upheaval.

The moment depicts a brief but deep bond between two people who are firmly and mutually understanding in handling difficult personal and historical circumstances.

Unraveling a Dark Conspiracy in Franklin

Later in “Franklin” Temple finds herself engulfed in a tornado of opposing forces and experiences. In addition to Jacques’s outspoken comments and crass drawings, Cunegonde’s gesture at the opera introduces Temple to sophisticated and mature issues that go beyond his years. Temple feels uncomfortable and uninterested in the brothel, which contrasts dramatically with Jacques’ promise of a “real” experience.

Temple’s interaction with the brothel woman suggests that he is still naive in the face of adult trickery and adultery. Benjamin’s insight on vice and mockery highlights the perils of public perception in their political environment as Temple navigates these meetings.

Unraveling a Dark Conspiracy in Franklin
Credits: Apple TV+

In this crucial scene from “Franklin,” as Pierre Beaumarchais confronts Chaumont over leaks from Versailles to London, suspicions of betrayal grow stronger. There may be a mole inside their circle if it turns out that English ships were intercepted not long after they left.

A dark conspiracy against Benjamin Franklin is hinted at by Bancroft’s covert rendezvous in a church confessional with British agent Paul Wentworth. The stakes rise as they plot to depose Franklin, giving the story a hint of treason and espionage.

With the American Revolution as a backdrop, this scene sets the setting for rising tensions and intrigue as allegiances are tested. The mystery surrounding the traitor’s identity heightens the excitement around Benjamin’s fight for survival and independence.

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“Franklin” episode 3 unveils complex layers of personal and political turmoil against the backdrop of the American Revolution. Benjamin Franklin’s secret mission to France intertwines with themes of betrayal, resilience, and the human connections that transcend historical boundaries.

As suspicions mount and allegiances shift, the series delves deeper into the challenges faced by its characters, promising a captivating narrative of intrigue and determination. We sure are excited to see what comes next in this amazing series.

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