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Fright Krewe Season 2: Plot, Trailer, Release Date And More

Fright Krewe Season 2

Fright Krewe is a television series in the comedy horror genre. It is created by James Frey and filmmaker Eli Roth and is told in the animated format. The first season of the series premiered in 2023 and was loved by both kids as well as adult audience members. Since then, a second season has been in talks.

With the release date right on the corner, let’s take a deep look into all the major details of the much-awaited Fright Krewe Season 2. This article will decode its plot, trailer as well as release date among others.

What Is Fright Krewe All About?

Fright Krewe tells the story of several kids who are in their teenage years in New Orleans. They assemble for a threat that originated from a very old prophecy alongside a queen from the voodoo’s. All the kids try to save their hometown and state from the demonic forces.

What Is Fright Krewe All About?
Credits: Variety

James Frey and Eli Roth are the creators of the show as well as its executive producers. Kristine Song, Joanna Lewis, Mitchell Smith, and Shane Acker are also the EPs of Fright Krewe while Dreamworks is the production house behind it. It premiered on October 2nd, 2023, on Peacock and Hulu and consisted of ten episodes.

The main cast member of the show is Sydney Mikayla who is lending her voice to Soleil. Others include Tim Johnson Jr. (voicing Maybe), along with Grace Lu (Missy) and Chester Rushing (Stanley), etc.

What Happened In The Previous Season?

The maiden season of Fright Krewe showcases the kids going at loggerheads with the demons. It shows the team also known as The Krewe getting inside the Mansion of Furst where they realize that Furst has ties with the Belial.

This changes the story’s dynamics with a looming threat over them. The cover they have had is nearly revealed when the vampires are to meet Furst alongside rougarous. Eventually, they are trapped by Belial and Furst and things are going as the evil plans. Soleil feels defeated after seeing Belial. It’s their first encounter and hence it really impacts her.

In the last episode of Fright Krewe, we see the team of Krewe talking to Nelson and trying to tell him about his father. All of them give their points to tell him about his father. Ridden with a lot of guilt, Soleil also has to make some strong decisions and choices.

Is Fright Krewe Season 2 Happening?

A couple of weeks after the first season premiered, the makers announced that Fright Krewe Season 2 would be happening. The creators stated that it will be returning on both the platforms, Peacock as well as Hulu. The special news was revealed on the occasion of Halloween in 2023 and it generated excitement in the fans who really enjoyed the first season.

Is Fright Krewe Season 2 Happening?
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While not much is known about the plot of the second one, we can speculate that it will focus on Krewe trying to stop Belial and the other forces of evil. Almost all the cast members will be returning for the second season to give voice to different characters.

Do We Have A Trailer?

On March 14th, the official trailer of Fright Krewe Season 2 was launched. The one-minute and 32-second long trailer comprises some exciting visuals from the show and it doesn’t reveal major plot points as well.

Soleil is shown saying, ‘we have to destroy Belial’, to which one of them asks: ‘How?’ We then see many scenes in which the kids are facing different kinds of danger as they try to defeat them. The tagline reads, More monsters. More secrets. More Danger.’

Do We Have A Release Date for Fright Krewe Season 2?

Fright Krewe Season 2 is planned to premiere on Friday, March 29, 2024 on Peacock and Hulu. The first episode is called The Nightmare and it will follow Soleil as she fights it hard to manage the powers she got from sAyida-Weddo. She also finds out that Belial is connected to Pierre who was one of her earlier ancestors.


Fright Krewe is a well made animated show that tackles adult themes despite having a cast consisting mostly of teenage kids. It has beautiful visuals and some great voice performances from the cast. Fright Krewe Season 2 will explore the fate of its lead characters.

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