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Hannah Berner: We Ride At Dawn Review – Raunchy, Relatable and Realistic!

Hannah Berner: We Ride At Dawn Review

If you don’t know who Hannah Berner is just yet or haven’t given her comedy a chance, all you need is a Netflix subscription and 50 minutes to spare, and that’s truly all it will take for you to fall in with Berner, and then set foot on a binge spree!

As of today, Berner is at the center of the comedy scene, especially in the US, and if you have an Instagram account, a TikTok account, or even Spotify, chances are that you can come across her content at some point.

Berner might be a social media queen, but she has now made a splash on Netflix, inviting viewers from across the world to become her fans. In her latest special, Hannah Berner: We Ride At Dawn, Berner proves exactly why she garnered a huge fan following and will continue to grow as one of the most relatable comedians, who never holds back.

Here’s our review of Hannah Berner: We Ride At Dawn!

Hannah Berner Does Everything but Hold Back!

Hannah Berner owns the stage, and we aren’t just concluding that after having watched her entire performance, but this observation can be made by just taking a look at her entrance.

Berner is comfortable, confident, and quirky, and her social media personality is often mirrored in Hannah Berner: We Ride At Dawn, which appears as funny and charming at the same time. Oh, and she also does the worm!

Hannah Berner Does Everything but Hold Back!
Credit: Netflix

Berner starts her set by talking about being in her early 30s, and just how cruel commercials and society can be, especially when it comes to women.

Although Berner goes on to talk about having depression, anxiety, and chronic fatigue, there’s not a single dull moment, and there’s constant laughter among the audience, especially the women. Berner is a girl’s girl, and there’s no doubt about that, which adds to the relatable aspect of her performance.

Interestingly enough, Berner also segways into one of the more pressing issues in the US at the moment – politics. Here, Berner doesn’t just talk about her views about the political climate but also mentions abortions and gun laws, and as we said earlier, she doesn’t hold back.

Her stage presence also continues to become more animated and exaggerated, in the best way possible, as her set progresses to the second half.

Credit: Netflix

One of the most intriguing parts about Hannah Berner: We Ride At Dawn was when Berner claimed that she wanted more realistic intimate scenes in movies, and this earned one of the biggest applause from the audience.

Berner was constantly candid, even solo-performing how said scenes in moves escalate, and just how unrealistic they can be. Berner is hilarious, and her Netflix special is proof of that.

Hannah Berner: We Ride At Dawn
Credit: Netflix


If you are out there looking for a new comedian to follow and a stand-up special to watch, then Hannah Berner: We Ride At Dawn is the way to go! Do let us know in the comments below what you think about this special.

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