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Hotel Cocaine Episode 2: Release Date, Preview, And More


“Hotel Cocaine” is set in Miami during the height of the cocaine trade in the 1970s and 1980s. Roman Compte, a Cuban exile, strives for the American dream while keeping a low profile. His family and his successful club are disrupted by undercover CIA agents, and his world is turned upside down.

The story follows Compte’s battle to keep both safe in the face of rising hostilities and personal costs during a period of chaos. If you liked the first episode, we’re sure you’re wondering when the next episode will air and what to expect further from Compte’s journey.

Let’s now see everything we know about the upcoming episode of “Hotel Cocaine”.

What Happened In The Previous Episode Of Hotel Cocaine?

Hotel Cocaine” debuts with its gripping premiere episode, “The Mutiny,” delving deep into the gritty underworld of 1970s Miami, revolving around the infamous Mutiny Hotel. The general manager of the hotel, Roman Compte, becomes a pivotal character who must balance dangerous contradictions.

He does his job at the hotel in the luxurious but deadly environment created by the drug trade, on the one hand. Conversely, Roman struggles with his ties to his estranged brother Nestor, a major player in Miami’s drug trade, and his familial responsibilities.

The episode begins with a graphic depiction of violence as a Haitian gang kills a terrifying person to get cocaine. This violent opening emphasizes the dangerous drug situation in the city. Roman emerges as a tormented person, divided between his family’s need for him and the dark demands of criminal relationships.

As he confronts Nestor’s involvement, his complexity increases, further compounded by DEA Agent Zulio’s push to work with him to capture Nestor so that Roman’s daughter won’t be placed in foster care.

What Happened In The Previous Episode Of Hotel Cocaine?
Credits: MGM+

Tension rises between hotel owner Burton Greenberg and investigative journalist Hunter S. Thompson, as the former worries that dark family secrets may be revealed and put everything in danger.

The episode comes to a dramatic conclusion when Roman, knowing he would soon be exposed as an informant, decides to kill Chucho, a possible threat, in a last-ditch effort to keep his cover and ensure his family’s safety. 

When Is The Next Episode Airing?

Episode 2 of “Hotel Cocaine” premieres on MGM+ on Sunday, June 23, 2024, continuing Roman Compte’s turbulent journey in 1970s Miami. As tensions rise and secrets threaten to unravel, Roman faces increasingly dangerous choices that blur the lines between survival, loyalty, and the pursuit of the American dream.

When Is The Next Episode Airing?
Credits: MGM+

What To Expect From It?

In “Hotel Cocaine” episode 2, “The Orishas,” the story might explore the spiritual and supernatural realms that the title refers to. Roman Compte is dealing with the fallout from his violent acts from the first episode as the DEA investigation grows and tensions in Miami’s criminal underworld rise.

What To Expect From It?
Credits: MGM+

Roman is faced with further ethical dilemmas, and this episode might examine how mystical forces—the Yoruba gods famed for their protection and guidance, known as the Orishas—affect the characters’ moral compass.

This broader exploration of spiritual themes points to a story in which supernatural forces merge with the grim reality of Miami in the 1970s, maybe influencing actions and alliances in unforeseen ways.

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“Hotel Cocaine” episode 2, “The Orishas,” promises to deepen the narrative’s complexity with Roman Compte navigating heightened DEA scrutiny and escalating tensions within Miami’s criminal landscape. As the series delves into mystical influences like the Orishas, viewers can anticipate a blend of gritty realism and supernatural intrigue. 

Roman’s journey continues to unfold against a backdrop of ethical dilemmas and personal sacrifices, showcasing his relentless pursuit to protect his family amidst the chaotic drug trade. The upcoming episode holds the promise of further exploring how ancient beliefs intersect with the harsh realities of survival and ambition in 1970s Miami.

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