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Hotel Cocaine Episode 4 Recap: Does Someone Die In The Latest Developments?

Hotel Cocaine Episode 4 Recap

“Hotel Cocaine” focuses on Roman Compte, a CIA agent and exile from Cuba who runs the Hotel Mutiny. During the late ’70s and early ’80s, this hotel turns into the glitzy epicenter of Miami’s cocaine scene.

Now, the series is so good because it perfectly captures the infamous combination of danger and wealth of the time. If you’re also a fan of the show and are wondering what happened in the latest episode of “Hotel Cocaine”, you need to stick around! So, let’s dig into it, shall we?

Valeria’s Struggles in Hotel Cocaine

Episode 4 of “Hotel Cocaine” starts with Valeria complaining and ranting about a cancelled date with Andrew to her dad. She goes on to say that she thinks the date was cancelled because she is Cuban.

On the other end, Roman thinks her daughter is making a fuss out of nothing and that she should be concentrating on her studies instead. At the same time, news of a recent gunfight surfaces on television and little does Roman know that he is also involved in that gunfight.

Meanwhile in “Hotel Cocaine”, Yolanda meets with Gomez to discuss their failed plan, as Nestor survived the shootout. By identifying the cobra symbol, Yolanda recalls that it belongs to Don Henao. Yolanda is not persuaded by Gomez’s promises to make things right, so she fatally stabs him and discards his body in the sea.

Valeria's Struggles in Hotel Cocaine
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At the same time, Zulio puts pressure on Roman to incriminate his brother, Nestor, to secure his release. Also, Ray is concerned because of Burton’s financial situation but eventually agrees to lend $3 million to the club as collateral.

Later in an argument at his office, Roman confronts Nestor about his drug operations, leading Nestor to admit to being a significant figure in Miami’s cocaine trade. Zulio is pleased by this confession since he sees Roman’s achievement as his own ticket to escape.

However, Zulio quickly discovers that he is still obligated to cooperate with Roman since higher authorities are pleased with their work. It is later revealed that Zulio did not plan to engage Valeria in coercing Roman, but was forced to do so.

Yolanda’s Ruthless Actions

At the Mutiny, Yolanda seeks Roman’s help for a club meeting, despite not having a membership card. Meanwhile, Zulio arrives at the club, where the drug syndicate becomes more worried about Nestor’s survival and the future of his area.

Roman, enraged at being forced to continue working with Zulio, almost resorts to violence against him, only to be stopped by Janice. Zulio apologizes, admitting he might have reacted similarly in Roman’s situation. Also, Constance tells Burton about Ray Dorado’s questionable financial practices, hinting at potential fraud in his bank.

Yolanda's Ruthless Actions
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Later in “Hotel Cocaine“, Valeria tells her godfather that Andrew cancelled their date because of her Cuban heritage. This infuriates Nestor. He confronts Andrew’s father, a congressman, and demands an agreement.

Later, Andrew informs Valeria of Nestor’s drug operations, fearing vengeance from his father if he refuses her. Meanwhile, Ray puts pressure on Burton to handle Constance, jeopardizing their business relationship. Burton agrees but is unsure how to go about it.

Yolanda discovers Mark Owens in Gomez’s notepad and interrogates him for disclosing information to Nestor, but he refuses. However, he reveals Roman’s harsh ways to get information. Yolanda notifies Don Henao of Roman’s lies, unaware of the fact that Roman overhears everything. She promises to deal with Roman and his family, forcing Roman to return home to protect Valeria and his lover.

Tragic Turns

In a startling turn of events, Janice indicates to Burton that Connie could be jealous of his lifestyle, prompting Burton to devise a scheme to manipulate Connie by sneaking pills into her without her knowledge.

They bond over familial problems, showing a mutual preference for their mother over their father. Connie, who is under her father’s surveillance, seeks a connection with Burton, who suggests a partnership before disclosing his relationship with Ray. However, Connie leaves haphazardly.

Tragic Turns
Credits: MGM+

Meanwhile, in a dramatic wrap-up to Episode 4 of “Hotel Cocaine,” Roman cleverly uses a string of lights to ambush and kill four Colombian intruders on bikes. He seeks Nestor’s help in cleaning up the mess. Sadly, the episode ends with the tragic murder of Burton’s sister, Connie, on her way home.

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Episode 4 of “Hotel Cocaine” intensifies the intricate web of alliances and betrayals in Miami’s cocaine-fueled underworld. Roman’s dual life as a hotel manager and CIA operative deepens, entangling his family in perilous consequences.

Meanwhile, Burton’s schemes escalate, leading to unforeseen tragedy. We’re now excited to see what we have in store next on “Hotel Cocaine” and in the meanwhile, you all can let us know your thoughts about the show too!

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