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Land of Women Episode 3 Preview: Release Date and More

Land of Women

Land of Women starring Eva Longoria, Victoria Bazua, Carmen Maura, and Santiago Cabrera has now landed on Apple TV+, with the first two episodes available to stream. These episodes introduced the protagonist of the series, Gala, as well as her husband Fred, her daughter Kate, and her mother Julia, who are some of the secondary characters in the series and have been extremely vital to helping establish the narrative so far.

Gala’s life has been uprooted and from being a New York socialite, she now must start from scratch and live in a small town in Spain, along with Kate and Julia.

This journey has been incredibly interesting so far, and we can’t wait to see what’s next in store for these women. In this article, we will give you a preview of Land of Women Episode 3, so buckle in!

What Happened in Land of Women Episode 2?

Land of Women Episode 2 saw the continued journey of Gala in a small town after a lavish life in New York City was taken away from her in the blink of an eye. As far as the second episode goes, her husband, Fred, is still completely MIA, and the men to whom he owes 15 million dollars, are hot on Gala’s trail and are also linked directly to Kate’s girlfriend’s father.

What Happened in Land of Women Episode 2?

Of course, there are several elements to Land of Women, none of which can be overlooked, but each is just as interesting as the next.

In Episode 2, we see Gala struggle to get her money back which was taken away by Amat to get a new tractor. Whilst there is plenty of tension between these two characters, it’s evident that there might be an enemies-to-lovers arc in sight.

Right now, Gala must do whatever it takes to keep herself, her daughter, and her mother safe, away from the bad men who are out to get her.

What Can You Expect From Land of Women Episode 3?

Land of Women Episode 3 might be the perfect time for Gala to start warming up to people in town, especially since she hasn’t made the best first impression, and if she has to survive, she must be liked, which isn’t the case right now.

What Can You Expect From Land of Women Episode 3?
Credit: Apple TV+

On the other end, Julia has to face her sister in town, and it will be interesting to see if they can mend their relationship, but it doesn’t seem too likely, not too soon at least. The women continue to settle into their possible new life, including Kate, who has a worried girlfriend looking out for her, while the latter’s father devises a plan.

When and Where Can You Watch Land of Women Episode 3?

Land of Women Episode 3 will be available to stream exclusively on Apple TV+ on July 3, 2024. This series will be replacing Dark Matter.


What’s next for Gala, Julia, and Kate? One can only find out in the next episode of Land of Women, so make sure you also keep a lookout for its review on our website!

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