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Land of Women Episode 4 Preview: Release Date and More

Land of Women Episode 4 Preview

Land of Women on Apple TV+ takes viewers on a journey with Gala, Kate, and Julia, three women, three generations, who have had to uproot their comfortable lives in America and move to a small town in Spain after Fred, Gala’s husband gets involved with the wrong people, owes them $15 million, and then disappears. Gala is on a journey of trying to find answers whilst also trying to mend her new life, but things aren’t always in her favor.

Undoubtedly, Land of Women features one of the best performances ever from Eva Longoria, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this series. So far, three episodes have been released, each more interesting than the one before, which has everyone curious about what’s to come next.

So, keep reading this article to get a little preview of what you can expect from Land of Women Episode 4!

What Happened in Land of Women Episode 3?

Land of Women Episode 3 showed Gala, Kate, and Julia’s journey, not together, but on their own for a change, and this was a welcomed change. Gala has invested all her time in the vineyard, considering her previous expertise in wine, and despite not being accepted by all the women, she has Amat by her side, as both of them support each other in their own ways.

If you were rooting for the two, Episode 3 might be a little disappointing as Gala and the viewers learn that Amat is taken.

Meanwhile, Julia is on her own in town, exploring the place she once grew up in, interacting with those she was once close to, only to realize that all this while the man she thought was Gala’s father, was actually sterile. This is information she had to learn from her sister, and it wasn’t pleasant.

What Happened in Land of Women Episode 3?
Credit: Apple TV+

As for Kate, she struggles with the lack of hormones which the town doctor won’t give her, and in addition to that, she also gets bullied for her gender identity in public. There’s no doubt that the women are going through it in Land of Women Episode 3, and it’s only the beginning.

What Can You Expect from Land of Women Episode 4?

Land of Women Episode 4 explored in-depth the new lives of Gala, Kate, and Julia, but it is important to remember that ultimately these women are running away from people, especially Gala, who was the first one caught up in this mess because of her husband, Fred.

In the next episode, viewers will witness Gala uncover more secrets about her husband who has been hiding many things from her, money and infidelity are only the starting points.

What Can You Expect from Land of Women Episode 4?

Could this be the episode where Gala also has to confront the men who are after her and have been after her since New York City? Much more will unravel as the plot continues to thicken in Land of Women, but the drama and comedy stay!

When and Where Can You Watch Land of Women Episode 4?

Land of Women Episode 4 will be available to stream exclusively on Apple TV+ from July 10, 2024.


There’s plenty more to come in Land of Women, and we’re looking forward to it just as much as you are. So make sure you check our website for our review of Episode 4!

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