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Land of Women Episode 5 Preview: Release Date and More

Land of Women Episode 5 Preview

Eva Longoria, Victoria Bazúa, and Carmen Maura have come together to make Land of Women on Apple TV+ a powerful and fun-packed comedy-drama, and have excelled at getting the job done.

So far, 4 episodes of the series are available to watch on the streaming platform, and as far as the story goes, there’s plenty more to come as viewers follow the journey of Gala, Kate, and Julia in a small town.

Hank and Kevin, aka the two bad guys who have been following Gala from New York City, have finally caught up to her and her family in Spain, with still no sight of Fred, who was the reason everyone got into this mess, to begin with.

With each episode, Land of Women has plenty to offer, which brings us to the preview of Episode 5!

What Happened in Land of Women Episode 4?

The best way to describe Land of Women Episode 4 would be “chaotic.” drama and threatening situations were bound to catch up to Gala after she ran away from New York City with her mother and daughter.

The first three episodes of the series allowed the women to get acquainted with their new lives, and episode 4 hit them with the unexpected threat as Hank and Kevin finally found them, and no amount of Julia’s charm or Gala’s sleeping pills could stop them from holding a gun against their heads as they prayed for their lives.

What Happened in Land of Women Episode 4?
Credit: Apple TV+

While plenty was going on in Land of Women Episode 4, the focus remained on the women being held captive as Gala attempted to figure out Fred’s whereabouts while also reflecting on her marriage, which has been a lie.

For now, Gala must focus on the trouble in hand, and hopefully get some closure on her marriage later in the season.

What Can You Expect from Land of Women Episode 5?

Land of Women Episode 5 will pick up where the previous episode left off, and we are certain that Gala, Julia, and Kate will be safe, and Amat will finally figure out where they are, and help them get out of trouble.

However, Gala has spent far too long keeping secrets from Amat, and this time around, she might just have to tell him the whole truth, including the trouble she and her family are in.

What Can You Expect from Land of Women Episode 5?
Credit: Apple TV+

Undoubtedly, the level of chaos is bound to increase in the next episode, especially since progress has to be made in the winery, but will Amat and Gala actually be able to pull it off together? One can expect the two characters to have more screen time together in Land of Women Episode 5!

When and Where Can You Watch Land of Women Episode 5?

Land of Women Episode 5 will be exclusively available on Apple TV+ on July 17, 2024.


Land of Women has several viewers hooked and if you are one of them, we highly recommend checking out our website to keep up with any reviews and previews of the beloved series!

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