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Miss Night and Day Episode 5: Preview, Release Date, And More

Miss Night and Day Episode 5: Preview

Following the intense cliffhanger of “Miss Night and Day” Episode 4, tensions rise as Im Sun’s undercover mission takes a dangerous turn, threatening to expose her identity. Meanwhile, Ji-Ung races against time to rescue her, adding to the suspense.

If you’re a fan of the show, we’re sure you’re wondering when the next episode will air. So, let’s see everything we know about the upcoming episode of “Miss Night and Day”

What Happened In The Previous Episode?

In the ending scenes of “Miss Night and Day” episode 4, tensions escalate as Im Sun, disguised as Mi-Jin, infiltrates a club crucial to Ji-Ung and Byeong-Deok’s drug investigation. Im Sun is first accused of being involved, but her perseverance lets her enter the club secretly as her alter ego.

Ji-Ung, who is stationed outside, is waiting nervously for information and becomes worried when he doesn’t get through to Im Sun.

What Happened In The Previous Episode?
Credits: Netflix

Im Sun’s undercover mission to acquire evidence takes an unexpected turn when she is granted entry to a private room and a VIP guest becomes suspicious that she could be recording. Her safety is put in jeopardy as this suspicion swiftly turns into a risky encounter that could reveal her true identity.

Sensing problems, Ji-Ung decides to take matters into his own hands. He bursts into the club, makes his way past the security guards, and confronts them in an attempt to find Im Sun.

Viewers are left wondering whether Ji-Ung will show there in time to save Im Sun and stop her secret from being revealed as the episode ends on this dramatic note.

When Is The New Episode of Miss Night And Day Airing?

Episode 5 of “Miss Night and Day” premieres on Netflix this Saturday, June 29. With each episode running approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes, viewers can expect a continuation of the series’ compelling narrative, featuring deeper character developments, intense workplace dynamics, and simmering romantic tensions.

When Is The New Episode of Miss Night And Day Airing?
Credits: Netflix

What To Expect From It?

In the upcoming episode 5 of “Miss Night and Day,” viewers can anticipate a blend of intriguing developments and emotional moments that delve deeper into the characters’ lives. Mi Jin, portrayed by Yung Yun Ji, faces a pivotal decision as her feelings for Ji W continue to grow amidst the complexities of his past.

The episode promises to unravel more about Ji W’s mysterious background, offering new clues to his motivations and the events that have shaped him. Meanwhile, workplace dynamics intensify with power struggles, office politics, and rivalries taking Centre stage. 

What To Expect From It?
Credits: Netflix

Expect tense confrontations and surprising alliances among colleagues, highlighting the competitive environment they navigate. Lim Sun plays a crucial role, using her wisdom and experience to guide the younger characters, whose interactions with her hold valuable lessons.

Romance simmers beneath the surface, with stolen glances, accidental touches, and heartfelt conversations hinting at potential pivotal milestones in relationships. 

Episode 5 is poised to deliver both dramatic revelations and moments of emotional depth, promising viewers an engaging continuation of the series’ compelling narrative.


Episode 5 of “Miss Night and Day” is set to captivate viewers with its suspenseful storyline and character-driven narratives. As tensions escalate and secrets threaten to unravel, the episode promises to delve deeper into Ji W’s mysterious past while showcasing intense workplace dynamics and evolving romantic relationships.

With Ji-Ung racing against time to save Im Sun and the stakes higher than ever, fans can anticipate a thrilling continuation that blends drama, intrigue, and emotional depth. Don’t miss the premiere on Netflix this Saturday, June 29th! 

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