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My 600-lb Life Season 12 Episode 4: What To Expect?

My 600-lb Life Season 12 Episode 4

My 600-lb Life is a reality television series created by Jonathan Nowzaradan who is a doctor, author, and television personality. The American series has been airing since 2012 on TLC and focuses on the journey of a person who is obese in a very morbid way.

How they go through a transformation by losing weight is the center of every episode. Over the years, the series has seen 12 seasons with the last season having aired three episodes.

My 600-lb Life Season 12 Episode 4
Credits: Looper

My 600-lb Life Season 12 Episode 4 is much awaited by fans of the show who get inspired by the unbelievable journey of its participants. If you want to know more about the upcoming episode, this article will help you.

What Is My 600-lb Life All About?

My 600-lb Life tells the story of a person who is around or at least has a weight of 600 pounds (270 kilograms) hence the name of the show. The person is then guided by Jonathan Nowzaradan (also known as Dr. Now) who is a surgeon in Houston and the creator of the series.

Jonathan gives them dietary guidance as well as exercises to lose weight. If these things don’t work, he also sometimes performs surgeries of gastric bypass and or sleeve gastrectomy. But these vary from case to case and on the requirement.

Jonathan is also the executive producer of the show along with Jack Tarantino and Graham Davidson among others. My 600-lb Life season one premiered on February 1st, 2012, and had six episodes. It ended on March 26th, 2012, and was followed by 11 more seasons.

A year later, some of the patients are shown in the episodes called ‘Where Are They Now?’ and depict the change in their weight and overall life. In the first season, the patients were filmed for around seven years which has reduced to a couple of months in recent seasons.

What Happened In My 600-lb Life Season 12 Episode 3?

My 600-lb Life Season 12 Episode 3 is called Delana’s Journey and it was released on March 20th, 2024. The episode told the weight loss journey of a girl named Delana Boyer who lived in Greenville, which is in Tennessee. Delana had gone through a lot of things in he life. As a result, she turned to food for emotional support and ended up gaining weight.

What Happened In My 600-lb Life Season 12 Episode 3?
Credits: TLC

At the start of the episode, Delana’s weight was 646 pounds because of which he stays at home all day and can’t go out. She also needs assistance in moving around and says that she is glad everything that she didn’t die while in her sleep.

Her journey starts off on a not-so-good note as she gains five pounds instead of losing around 50 pounds. However, Delana doesn’t give up and manages to make her weight to 578 pounds. The doctor then reveals that a bariatric surgery will be performed on her. Her weight is 539 pounds before it with her goal to shed around 20 pounds every month.

As the episode ends, we see her walking comfortably around her house and there is a visible difference in her weight from when she started out. Delana is also going out with her husband and is aiming to live a normal life.

What Can We Expect From My 600-lb Life Season 12 Episode 4?

My 600-lb Life Season 12 Episode 4 will tell the story of a person named Abi who has a tragic story. He had a tough time managing his weight but things changed drastically after he experienced an injury nearly seven years ago.

It left him bedridden and has resulted in his weight reaching a massive 700 pounds. His life and a normal future with his life partner depend on the treatment from Dr Younan Nowzaradan. The episode will provide inspiration for many while we can also expect a lot of emotional scenes.

Do We Have A Release Date?

My 600-lb Life Season 12 Episode 4 is titled Abi’s Journey and it will be released on Wednesday, March 27th, 2024 on TLC. The duration of the episode will be around 80 to 85 minutes without the advertisements on the channel.

Do We Have A Release Date?
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My 600-lb Life is unique shown in many ways as it has a doctor helping people to lose weight. Since the US has a massive population of people struggling with their body weight, the series has worked on a personal level for many.

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