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Not Dead Yet Season 2 Episode 7: Preview, Release Date And More

Not Dead Yet

Not Dead Yet is a popular American television series. The sitcom is one of the most refreshing ones in the genre that is considered to have passed its heyday. The first season came out of nowhere in 2023 and became a fan favorite very quickly. Its success made the makers greenlight a second season.

Not Dead Yet Season 2 Episode 7
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Right after the sixth episode aired, fans want to know everything about Not Dead Yet Season 2 Episode 7. If you also looking to know about its details like preview etc, keep reading this article.

What Is Not Dead Yet All About?

Not Dead Yet is created by David Windsor and Casey Johnson and it’s an adaptation of the 2020 comedy novel Confessions of a Forty-Something F**k Up written by Alexandra Potter.

It tells the story of Nell Serrano (played by Gina Rodriguez) who works as a journalist. She is broke and is trying to get her life together after her wedding plans falter. Nell is given the task of writing obituaries at the SoCal Independent. Her life is going normal until she realizes that she can see ghosts.

Not Dead Yet Season One aired on February 8th, 2023, on ABC and had 13 episodes. It ended on May 3, 2023, with the makers returning with Not Dead Yet Season 2 which started on February 7th, 2024. Gina Rodriguez, filmmaker McG, Dean Holland, Casey Johnson and David Windsor, etc are its executive producers.

What Happened In The Previous Episode of Not Dead Yet?

Not Dead Yet Season 2 Episode 6 was called Not Going Home Yet and it premiered on March 20th, 2024. Michael McDonald and Josh Greenberg are its director and writer respectively.

In this episode, we see a conversation taking place between Edward (played by Rick Glassman) and Lexi Rhodes (played by Lauren Ash). It reaches a point where they speak about staying away from Nell and their individual boundaries.

What Happened In The Previous Episode of Not Dead Yet?
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Nell takes a step back from their ordeal. In the end, we see Nell getting a stay in Waldorf as a compliment complimented by Lexi. She is thankful and realizes Lexi is wealthy and such stays are within her reach.

What To Expect From Not Dead Yet Season 2 Episode 7?

Not Dead Yet Season 2 Episode 7 is titled Not in the Game Yet. We can expect it to dig further into the dynamics of the relationship Lexi and Nell share. With a gift given to her by Lexi, Nell will think of some surprise for her as well in return.

Meanwhile, the resolution Lexi and Edward reach about Nell can be another plot point of the upcoming episode. Meanwhile, Nell and TJ might decide to take things forward after their chat. It will take more steps in the future.

There are many plot points that can be explored in Not Dead Yet Season 2 Episode 7. With Nell in the forefront, the storyline will touch upon the other supporting cast as well.

Do We Have A Release Date?

Not Dead Yet Season 2 Episode 7 will drop on Wednesday, April 10th, 2024 on ABC. Its runtime can be expected to be around 20 to 22 minutes. Apart from ABC, the show can be also watched on YouTube TV, FuboTV, and Hulu Plus.

Do We Have A Release Date?
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It is also available to watch on Hulu a day later. Viewers can enjoy the show on these platforms via subscription and renting the show for different prices. While there is no official confirmation, we can expect Not Dead Yet Season 2 to have 13 episodes like the previous season.


Not Dead Yet is based on a really funny novel and the show surpasses the humor quotient to another level. With a unique plot, the show sucks the viewers right in thanks to the amazing performances of Gina Rodriguez and others.

The first season had many funny gags along with an emotional core. It was loved by people from across the board. Many credit the series to give a boost to the sitcom genre which doesn’t have many takers these days. Not Dead Yet Season 2 Episode 7 is very anticipated as fans want to know about the life of Nell.

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