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Palm Royale Episode 5 Review: Apple TV+ Series Gets Back on Track

Palm Royale Episode 5

Previously, Apple TV+’s latest series, Palm Royale, faced a little dip in Episode 4 after far too many subplots were introduced which drowned the main theme of the series. However, as it appears, Palm Royale Episode 5 was far different, as it picked up the pace of the series and got it back on track with a solid episode.

Palm Royale Episode 5 is breezy yet riddled with secrets that soon begin to unravel, giving Maxine and the audience more context of everything that’s been going on in Palm Beach for decades now. So, keep reading our review of Palm Royale Episode 5, and we do recommend watching the first four episodes on Apple TV+, or else you might find yourself a little lost in Palm Beach.

Kristen Wiig Shines Once Again

Palm Royale Episode 4 not only drowned the plot but also some of Kristen Wiig’s performance, although we did appreciate Ricky Martin. However, Palm Royale Episode 5 has got everyone and everything back on track, including Wiig, who has once again showcased her versatility by embracing all sorts of emotions in this particular episode. From anger to sadness, to being drunk, and much more, Wiig did it all as the focus remained on the protagonist of the series, Maxine.

The latest episode of Palm Royale mainly sheds light on characters like Douglas, Linda, Maxine, Norma, and a little bit of Robert, as the series attempts to, and succeeds in tying up some loose ends and answering some burning questions that Maxine has, especially about Linda and Douglas.

In addition to this, Maxine confronts Douglas on the golf course, with Norma in the buggy with her, who seems to be recovering faster than one would have expected. Our best guess is that in the finale episode of Palm Royale, Norma will have a lot to say, words that she’s been holding back, will all come pouring out.

Kristen Wiig Shines Once Again

Maxine is all about confrontation in Palm Royale Episode 5, whether it’s with Douglas or Linda, as she tries to get to the bottom of the gunshot, which was a part of the flashback in the previous episode. Eventually, everyone learns who Linda was trying to shoot in the past, and surprisingly enough, in this episode, Linda also gets some closure from Douglas.

While all this might seem like several subplots here and there, Palm Royale Episode 5 surprisingly tied everything together.


Palm Royale Episode 5 had several noteworthy moments scattered around, and it will be exciting to see what’s going to happen in the next episode, especially since Linda threw all of the secrets from the Rolodex, right into the fireplace. There’s still a lot to unwrap, but looks like Palm Royale is back on track!

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