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Palm Royale Episode 6 Review: Apple TV+ Series Boasts Best Episode So Far

Palm Royale

Apple TV+’s latest series, Palm Royale starring the beloved Kristen Wiig has been a hit and a miss from time to time. Some episodes simply felt too complicated or presented themselves as fillers, while some truly stood out, like Palm Royale Episode 5. Lucky for this series, episode 6 has been yet another brilliant release with aesthetic scenes that made us swoon while also being just as invested in the story, which has admittedly been lost in the subplots in the previous episodes.

Palm Royale Episode 6 had some of the best performances so far, not only from Wiig but also the supporting cast, as the series has started to tie some of the loose ends. Keep reading our review as we point out some of our favorite parts of this particular episode, which might just make you go ahead and stream the series. Tread carefully, as there will be some spoilers ahead.

Supporting Cast of Palm Royale Comes Through

Kristen Wiig is the star of Palm Royale, and while there’s no doubt about that, the supporting cast has often drowned in the many subplots and twists that have been introduced in this series. However, Palm Royale Episode 6 wasn’t one of them. Of course, Wiig’s performance was truly one of a kind from start to finish, however, Laura Dern, Allison Janney, Ricky Martin, and Julia Duffy all stood out to us in this particular episode.

Maxine has the pressure of the beach ball looming over her, and with the Rolodex and gun gone, there are no secrets left, or so one might think. While she is going through plenty in this episode, Maxine is also convinced that Douglas knows about her brief moment with Robert but soon finds out that Robert might be gay.

After a confrontation, followed by an admission, along with plenty of good humor, Robert is indeed gay and admits that he did not sleep with Maxine because she is a friend to him.

Supporting Cast of Palm Royale Comes Through
Credit: Apple TV+

In Palm Royale Episode 6, Maxine also realizes that Robert might be the only real friend she has. Robert saves the day…or night, for Maxine and her beach ball after he hands her several handwritten invitations to the beach ball, each containing a secret, and that will be more than enough to make the ball happen, which is all Maxine really wanted.

This episode also had an Apollo 12 party in the background, considering the series is set in 1969, which shows just how much attention to detail is in Palm Royale. Now, Maxine has all the secrets in her hands as she mails them, bunch after bunch, which can only mean that the next episode will be a big one!


We highly recommend watching all episodes of Palm Royale before Episode 6, because without context, this series will take you for a spin. Keep a look out for our review of the next episode a week from now!