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Palm Royale Episode 9 Review: Apple TV+ Series Has Almost Reached the Finish Line

Palm Royale Episode 9 Review

Apple TV+ has had a range of series released in 2024 so far, and one of those included Palm Royale which had the expectations set high because of the star cast. Starting with SNL legend Kristen Wiig and ending with Hollywood icon Laura Dern, Palm Royale had several familiar faces, each of whom put their best foot forward and with the series coming to an end, has Palm Royale lived up to the expectations?

Palm Royale Episode 9, aka the penultimate episode of the Apple TV+ series, is officially streaming on the platform, and while things are coming together in some ways, they are simply falling apart in others. In this review, we will discuss all things Episode 9, so there might be some spoilers ahead, tread lightly!

The Much-Anticipated Penultimate Episode of Palm Royale

When it comes to taking a look at Palm Royale as a series, it hasn’t been one of the best series Apple TV has churned out so far, but there was a good amount of comedy, some interesting plot twists, and of course, brilliant performances from the star-studded cast.

However, it all comes down to the penultimate episode, which is sometimes more important than the season finale because it sets up the ending of the season. Palm Royale Episode 9 was a little chaotic but gave enough screentime to all the characters as each of them rushed to complete their own story arcs before the end.

Palm Royale Episode 9 started with Norma and Robert having a conversation for the first time, and the episode also ended with a conversation between the two. It is more than clear that Norma has something planned for the beach ball, but let’s save any praise or criticism for that after the final episode is released.

As for the latest episode, Maxine made it out of the ocean alive and was saved by a rather handsome astronaut. However, Maxine also had more than enough time in the ocean to contemplate her relationships with the people of Palm Beach.

The Much-Anticipated Penultimate Episode of Palm Royale
Credit: Apple TV+

While Palm Royale Episode 9 was packed with far too many subplots, a few stood out, making the episode a lot more appealing, and one of them was the blooming romance between Evelyn and Eddie. We saw them kiss in the last episode, and that only continues in the latest episode, towards the end, we see Evelyn accept her feelings for Eddie, and it gives Evelyn some character growth and showcases a side of her we hadn’t seen before.

Meanwhile, for anyone thinking Maxine and Douglas’ marriage was falling apart, this latest episode might be one to look out for. And of course, Linda and Robert continued to be fantastically portrayed by Laura Dern and Ricky Martin, whose performance in Palm Royale has been consistently good. Overall, Palm Royale Episode 9 wasn’t the best penultimate episode out there, but it gets the job done, and now, all eyes rest on the season finale!

Palm Royale Episode 9 Review
Credit: Apple TV+


If you have been watching Palm Royale, chances are you were excited for Episode 9, and while it might check some boxes, overall, it might leave you feeling a little unsatisfied. But fret not, because there’s still one episode to go, and we’ll be back to review it next week!

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