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Presumed Innocent Episode 5 Review: The Much-Awaited Trial Has Begun

Presumed Innocent Episode 5 Review

Presumed Innocent on Apple TV+ has a total of eight episodes, and with Episode 5 now available on the streaming platform, more than half the series has been completed, and the much-awaited trial against Rusty Sabich, the main suspect in the murder of Carolyn Polhemus, has begun.

This recent episode only showed a glimpse of the trial, mainly the opening statement by Tommy Molto, but it was strong enough to set the pace.

So far, things have been interesting when it comes to Presumed Innocent as a series, with some exceptional performances from Jake Gyllenhaal, Ruth Negga, Peter Sarsgaard, and Bill Camp. With each episode, this crime drama has given the viewers something to look forward to, and Episode 5 was no exception.

In our review, we will talk a little more about some of the key moments that helped raise the series’ quality.

Rusty Sabich Finds Himself in Trouble…Again

Presumed Innocent Episode 5 picks up where Episode 4 left off, aka Rusty Sabich beating Ratzer, the man Rusty was hoping to point fingers at, that were originally pointing at him. This series generally does a good job of answering most questions as it goes instead of leaving the viewers hanging and deserves several brownie points for the same.

However, it is safe to say that this episode of the crime drama wasn’t the best one so far, and in fact didn’t add much to the overall plot, not until the end of the episode at least.

There were a few noteworthy moments, especially when Rusty’s wife, Barbara, caves in and finds herself kissing the bartender she has been crushing on since the last few episodes.

Rusty Sabich Finds Himself in Trouble...Again
Credit: Apple TV+

This is an important addition to the series because it shows that maybe Barbara is slowly and finally giving up on her marriage with Rusty, which won’t work in his favor, especially since his lawyer, Raymond, eventually wants to put Barbara on the stand to testify for Rusty, as a character witness. Things could definitely get complicated for the couple, but that’s for another episode.

As of now, Rusty finds himself digging his own grave, and his actions don’t reflect the fact that he’s about to be on trial for murder. He’s constantly reckless but all of it comes to a halt when the trial begins (finally!) and Tommy Molto shares his opening statement with the jury.

Presumed Innocent Episode 5 ends with a moment of realization on Rusty’s face that things aren’t on his side at the moment, and might not be any time soon.

Presumed Innocent Episode 5
Credit: Apple TV+

This episode had some strong moments, but it was also proof that the trial will easily be the most exciting part of the series, and it might have done Presumed Innocent wonders to have started it an episode or two sooner. Nevertheless, it is here and we’re buckled in!


If you have been watching Presumed Innocent on Apple TV+ and have got this far, we highly recommend sticking around for the plot, and of course, for Jake Gyllenhaal. Also, make sure you keep a lookout for our review of the next episode!

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