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Red Swan Episodes 5 and 6 Preview: What To Expect?

Red Swan Episodes 5 and 6 Preview

Red Swan is a series from South Korea in the romance and revenge genre. This K-drama has all the ingredients that viewers look including thrilling moments, romance, and other things. Since its premiere earlier this month, four episodes have been out so far that have received a warm response.

Red Swan Episodes 5 and 6 are the upcoming episodes and viewers in not just South Korea, but globally are waiting for it to come out. So we have decided to take a look at its important aspects. Read on to learn about them.

Red Swan Episodes 5 and 6 Preview
Credits: ComingSoon

What Is Red Swan All About?

Red Swan is helmed by Park Hong-kyun while Choi Yoon-jung is the writer. It is about Oh Wan-soo (played by Kim Ha-neul) who was born poor but eventually managed to become a successful golfer. However, when she was unable to pay the debt her mother had gathered, Wan-soo had to marry businessman Kim Yong-guk (Jung Gyu-woon) who is the heir to the Hwain group.

One day in Manila, she is attacked by goons when Seo Do-yoon (Rain) saves her. Eventually, she developed feelings for him without knowing his intentions. Red Swan premiered on Disney+ on July 3rd, 2024.

What Happened In The Previous Episode?

Red Swan Episode 4 was released on July 10th, 2024 and it showcases Oh Wan-Soo facing different kinds of challenges within her company. Meanwhile, Seo Do-yoon is looking into the culprits of Ju-Hyuk his friend, and the former chairman of the chaebol, Kim Duo.

He gets access to the security video of the company and he is ordered by Kim Yong-Guk to see him. Yong-guk tells him to not interfere with the personal matters of him and his wife.

What Happened In The Previous Episode?
Credits: Meaww

A very shocking revelation happens when we find out that Do-yoon is planning to knock down the Hwan group. While looking at the camera footage, Do-yoon sees Yong-guk giving some money to his security man who then gives it to a gang in Manila. Chances are that Wan-Soo’s own husband planned the attack on her.

The episode also shows that Oh Wan-Soo had a son who passed away for someone. She then finds out the plans of Park Mi-Ran, group’s chairperson, to remove her as the director of the foundation. To subvert it, she asks her brother to spread the news about an illegitimate child of her husband. She organizes a press meeting but tells them that the child is of Kim Duo.

What To Expect From Red Swan Episodes 5 and 6?

Red Swan Episodes 5 and 6 will follow the plot left by the earlier episode which ended with Wan-soo going to a psychiatric hospital to see her mother. Do-yoon rushes inside a room after hearing her scream and we will find out why she screamed in the next episodes. It might be because of the horrible condition her mother is in right now.

Given that her mental state is not in the right place, her situation might not be pleasant. This will lead to a very emotional scene between a mother and her daughter. Red Swan Episodes 5 and 6 can also delve into the fallout that has taken place between Wan-soo and Park Mi-ran. Jang Tae-ra being present can also lead to some more conflicts and rifts between the characters.

The surprising angle of Mi-ran developing an interest in Do-yoon is something that might further be explored in both Red Swan Episodes 5 and 6. Meanwhile, the ulterior motives of Do-yoon regarding the conglomerate and his plans regarding it. Expect a lot of drama and conflict.

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Do We Have A Release Date?

Red Swan Episodes 5 and 6 will be released on Wednesday, July 17th, 2024 on Disney+. Its duration will be around an hour and the show is expected to have ten episodes in total.

Do We Have A Release Date?
Credits: Disney+


Red Swan is a story revolving around trust, conflict, and greed. It tells a very gripping tell of a rich lady and the people around her with their own greedy motivations. Red Swan Episodes 5 and 6 will be taking forward the interesting storyline.

Fans will be going to have a lot of entertainment and drama through various means.

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