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Somebody Feed Phil Season 7: Release Date, Trailer And Everything We Know

Somebody Feed Phil Season 7

“Somebody Feed Phil” brings viewers on an alluring journey with a variety of culinary experiences across eight tempting destinations in its seventh season. Fans of the programme can anticipate a charming blend of humour, culture, and of course, delectable food, with Phil Rosenthal at the helm.

Are you excited about this new journey too? If so, keep reading to know more about it!

What To Expect From Somebody Feed Phil?

The creator of the popular comedy “Everybody Loves Raymond,” Phil Rosenthal, makes a return in Season 7 of “Somebody Feed Phil,” taking viewers on a world tour unlike anything else. With his boundless energy and voracious taste for discovering new cuisines, Phil embarks on a mission to unearth the undiscovered gems and little-known histories of every place he visits.

Phil celebrates the universal language of food and forges connections by exploring the cities’ hearts and souls with every meal. He enjoys the thrill of exploration and the shared experience of sharing a meal with locals and other tourists in both busy marketplaces and charming restaurants.

What To Expect From Somebody Feed Phil?
Credits: IMDb

Phil’s voyage around the world entails more than just culinary enjoyment. It’s a celebration of the human spirit, culture, and community, all united by the transforming force of food. Phil’s travels, whether they involve eating street food in Mumbai or enjoying shellfish in Scotland, serve as a reminder that food is more than simply a source of nourishment; it can also serve as a bridge to communication, understanding, and memories that cut beyond boundaries and tongues.

Do We Have A Release Date?

“Somebody Feed Phil” has maintained its status as one of Netflix‘s most enduring documentaries after its January 2018 release. It’s one of the longest-running culinary adventures on the site, having released 33 episodes in all.

Do We Have A Release Date?
Credits: LA Weekly

Fans are now excitedly awaiting the release of Season 7, which is scheduled to premiere on March 1. Watchers can expect more delectable adventures and touching meetings as Phil Rosenthal sets out on yet another epic tour to see the world’s many cuisines and civilizations.

Who Is The Host Of The Show?

During a conversation about how he hosts “Someone Feed Phil,” Phil Rosenthal disclosed that he frequently takes cues from sitcoms, especially when it comes to character development. He said, “I understand that I am a character,” demonstrating his self-awareness in creating his role on TV.

Rosenthal highlighted the teamwork that went into the production, giving credit to his brother Richard for creating scenarios that played to his advantages and disadvantages. Although Rosenthal respects the audacity of individuals such as Anthony Bourdain in certain culinary endeavours, he is aware of his limitations and inclinations.

Who Is The Host Of The Show?
Credits: IndieWire

Rosenthal has expanded his artistic pursuits outside his role as host. “Just Try It!” is a children’s book that he and his daughter Lily just worked on, and it will be released on March 5th.

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Is There A Trailer?

Yes, there is one! In the enticing teaser, Phil Rosenthal sets off on a global culinary exploration, experiencing delicious cuisine in exciting new locations across the globe. Fans willing to accompany him on this incredible culinary tour are growing more and more excited as he makes his way through bustling markets and little restaurants.

Excitement soars with every delectable taste and enthralling setting, ensuring a memorable culinary and cultural adventure.


Fans of “Somebody Feed Phil” are getting more and more excited as the highly anticipated debut of Season 7 draws near. Fans can anticipate another engrossing adventure full of humour, cultural insights, and, of course, delectable cuisine, with Phil Rosenthal at the forefront.

The show’s continuing appeal is highlighted by its ability to explore the heart and soul of each destination while celebrating food as a universal language. Travel and food lovers alike are excited about the opportunity to embark with Phil on his newest global journey as March 1st approaches. “Somebody Feed Phil” Season 7 is about to take you on an incredible journey that will delight your senses.

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