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St. Denis Medical: Release Date, Plot, Cast And More

Mockumentary is a genre on television that remains less explored. We can only think of The Office which aced it with its treatment and humor. St. Denis Medical might also achieve success on TV in the same realm. This upcoming sitcom is very anticipated by people who enjoy similar shows.

Amid a dearth of good sitcoms, St. Denis Medical seems like a hopeful entry. Audiences are eager to know certain details about this show including who is in it and the storyline. Don’t worry as we will cover all those aspects.

St. Denis Medical
Credits: NBC

What Is The Plot of St. Denis Medical?

St. Denis Medical is a sitcom that is made in the mockumentary realm. The storyline takes place in a hospital in Oregon. It lacks funding and is always understaffed which directly affects the functioning of the hospital.

The series will focus on the doctors, as well as nurses, employed there who are trying to cure the patients despite the shortcomings and issues with the place. All of them are also struggling with their sanity and the situations frequently lead to funny moments. Given the format, the series is expected to have interviews of the staff and maybe even the patients, while they continue their lives in the hospital.

Cast And Crew of St. Denis Medical

St. Denis Medical has a very interesting star cast consisting of many talented actors. Wendi McLendon-Covey is playing Joyce who is working at St. Denis Medical Hospital as an executive director. She used to be a surgeon and is one of the main characters in the show.

Another actor in the show is David Alan Grier who plays a doctor named Ron. He went through a divorce and works in the emergency department.

Cast And Crew of St. Denis Medical
Credits: Deadline

Allison Tolman is Alex, who is one of the supervising nurses while Josh Lawson is Bruce. He is a trauma surgeon in the Department of Emergency. Other cast members include Mekki Leeper (playing Matt), Kahyun Kim (Serena), and Kaliko Kauahi (Val).

Stephen Schneider is playing a character named Steve, who is a chaplain at the hospital. Unlike other regulars, he is a recurring character on St. Denis Medical. We can expect some more interesting characters in small and supporting roles in the show. The stellar cast members will be taking the show to another level with their acting prowess.

The executive producers of the show include Spitzer and Ledgin along with Wendi McLendon-Covey, Simon Heuer, Jonathan Green, Gabe Miller, Jackie Clarke, and Ruben Fleischer as well as Gabe Miller. David Alan Grier is the producer of St. Denis Medical.

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Do We Have A Release Date?

St. Denis Medical will be released on November 12th, 2024 on NBC at 8 pm. Initially, the channel had ordered 13 episodes for the first season which was later increased to 18. The series has been created by Eric Ledgin and Justin Spitzer.

Do We Have A Release Date?
Credits: Deadline

It was originally planned to drop sometime in 2023. However, plans were changed after the Hollywood strike delayed its production like many other shows and films. It’s unclear what will be the duration of the episodes of the show.

St. Denis Medical might have a similar kind of dry humor which is a staple of mockumentaries as it creates a sense of awkwardness. This is what makes them different and funny from regular sitcoms.


St. Denis Medical is an upcoming show that has excited viewers from around the globe. The format itself is intriguing and we are expecting a very funny show that is equally awkward and maybe thought-provoking. It seems like what if The Office was set in a hospital?

There are many reasons to look forward to this show and one reason is its cast and the crew. Splitzer is the co-creator of this show and he is known for making sitcoms like American Auto and Superstore. Both of them were loved by viewers. So expectations are high from St. Denis Medical.

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