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Sugar On Apple TV+ : Release Date, Plot, Trailer And More

Sugar On Apple TV+

Sugar is an upcoming television series in the science fiction genre. Mark Protosevich is serving as the creator; he had previously penned the script of films like I Am Legend and Poseidon. Ever since it was announced, Sugar has been able to generate a high amount of excitement among fans of the science fiction genre.

A lot of people have been wondering when the series will be released on Apple TV+. If you are also wondering when you can binge-watch Sugar, keep on reading since we have got it covered.

What Is Sugar All About?

Sugar is created by Mark Protosevich and directed by Fernando Meirelles. The story will be set in Los Angeles and it will revolve around a private detective on a mission to find something. The makers of Sugar have described it as a genre-bending fresh take on the popular detective story trope.

It stars Colin Farrel in the titular role of John Sugar. He is also serving as an executive producer on the show.

What Is Sugar All About?
Credits: Apple

Apple TV+ is known for mostly adapting stories from existing source material. However, Sugar is a fresh breath of air as it is entirely an original piece of content. So far, the makers have not revealed any major plot points from the highly anticipated series. The series follows the story of detective John Sugar as he tries to find out about the disappearance of a girl named Olivia.

She is the granddaughter of a popular and influential man named Jonathan Siegel who is a producer in Hollywood. He is also the head and patriarch of the Siegel family. The story takes place in Los Angeles, California and as the narrative progresses, the detective comes across as some dark secrets of the family. All this story is set in the backdrop of the glitzy and glamorous world of show business and Hollywood.

Protosevich, Farrell, Audrey Chon, and Simon Kinberg serve as the executive producers. Sugar is helmed by Meirelles while names like Adam Arkin, Sam Catlin, Scott Greenberg, and Chip Vucelich are also the executive producers.

Who Will Be In The Cast?

Colin Ferrell is headlining the series as the private detective John Sugar. Apart from him, the series also stars Kirby Howell-Baptiste (Ruby), Amy Ryan (Melanie Mackie), Dennis Boutsikaris (Bernie Siegel), Alex Hernandez (Kenny), Massi Furlan (Carlos) and Lindsay Pulsipher are also a part of the series.

Who Will Be In The Cast?
Credits: Deadline

James Cromwell is portraying the role of Jonathan Siegel while Nate Corddry is David Siegel in Sugar. Breaking Bad’s Anna Gunn, Sydney Chandler, Miguel Sandoval, Elizabeth Anweis, Jason Butler Harner and Adrian Martinez.

Do We Have A Release Date?

The first two episodes of the much-awaited series will be released on Apple TV+ on Friday, April 5. After that, all the episodes will be dropping every Friday on a weekly basis. This will allow the viewers to get a better look into the world of Sugar and the Siegel family. The weekly release of episodes will help in furthering and increasing the anticipation for the series.

Do We Have A Trailer?

Yes, the makers have released the highly awaited official trailer of Sugar on the internet. The trailer runs for a duration of two minutes and 15 seconds and captures some of the most intense and genre-defying scenes in order to amp up the buzz for the audience. We see Sugar driving around in a car on the roads of California with his pet dog.

In the voice-over, he calls himself ‘one of the good guys.’ Suddenly, a fight sequence involving him shows up and we see the blood-smeared face of Sugara. The voiceover then says, ‘But good and bad can be in the eye of the beholder.’

Subsequently, he meets the Hollywood producer Jonathan Siegel who gives him a task to find out his granddaughter named Olivia Siegel who is missing. During his pursuit of the missing girl, Sugar comes across a mysterious lady named Melanie Mackie (played by Amy Ryan who is famous for her role in The Office).

Midway through the trailer, we realize that while John is looking for the girl, someone has been chasing and keeping an eye on him. The trailer consists of an interesting montage of shots from the series that look really cool and exciting. Overall, it gives a good peek into a story that is action-packed, thrilling, and mysterious.


Sugar is created by the same person who co-directed the Universally acclaimed Brazilian 2002 action crime film City of God. This makes the series more interesting to watch for the people who are aware of his work. Another name associated with Sugar is Mark Protosevich who has written some of the most interesting films of the past two decades. This includes Thor and I Am Legend among others.

The involvement of these two interesting talents with a proven and successful body of work makes Sugar stand out in the sea of shows coming out every other week on different streaming platforms. Colin, who is a massive star, brings his charm into the series which is about a detective story on the surface. However, looking at the trailer, we realize that the story is much more than that. Colin Ferrell provides a perfect mix of vulnerability and toughness that is required to play the role of a detective.

His involvement further elevates the hype and excitement around the series. Another interesting thing is that he is an executive producer on the series which means that he saw something in it. This is the reason why he got involved and put his money also in the project apart from starring in it.

Ever since the trailer dropped, fans have been eagerly waiting for the series with waited breath as it has a mysterious and engaging storyline. The trailer has amped up our excitement without revealing or spoiling the plot by giving away too much information.

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