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Sunny Episode 3 Preview: Release Date and More

Sunny Episode 3 Preview

Rashida Jones starrer Sunny has now officially landed on Apple TV+ with a two-episode premiere and it’s filled with sci-fi, drama, heartbreak, evil robots, nice robots, and so much more. It is packed, and there’s plenty more to look forward to in the coming episodes.

The premiere of the series witnessed a stunning performance for Jones as she played the role of a grieving wife and mother, only to realize that there’s plenty more that needs to be uncovered.

Every step of the way, both the series and the robot, will leave the viewers intrigued and wanting more, especially because of the heavy impact AI has on the world right now. With the secrets unfolding left, right, and center, we’re here to give you a little glimpse of Sunny Episode 3, because we’re just as excited as you are!

What Happened in Sunny Episode 2?

Suzie is on a journey of grieving and uncovering the truth all at the same time, while also having a robot, aka Sunny, accompany her everywhere she goes.

No matter how much Suzie tried to get rid of Sunny, she was unable to do so, and eventually found some comfort in the machine towards the end of episode 2, no matter how much she hates technology.

What Happened in Sunny Episode 2?
Credit: Apple TV+

Once again, we see Suzie attempt to break into her husband’s officer, despite the restricted entry that alerted people, and despite that, Suzie managed to escape, thanks to Sunny.

However, it is established that Masa’s company, and Masa too, have definitely been hiding secrets about the robots that they were manufacturing. Could Masa be alive and in hiding? There’s plenty more Suzie needs to unravel.

What Can You Expect in Sunny Episode 3?

Sunny Episode 3 will be directed by Nancy Won, as opposed to Katie Robbins who directed the first two episodes of the series, so the viewers can expect a few changes, but we have no doubt that the level of quality will continue to excel as the series progresses.

In the next episode, Sunny and Suzie will continue to work together to learn more about Masa and the secrets he was hiding from his own wife.

What Can You Expect in Sunny Episode 3?
Credit: Apple TV+

In addition, Suzie will also reconnect with the bartender from the previous episode, who will also help her on the mission to find the truth. Meanwhile, Suzie’s mother-in-law doesn’t make matters easier as she insists on having a proper funeral, but will Suzie agree?

When and Where Can You Watch Sunny Episode 3?

Sunny Episode 3 will be exclusively available to stream on Apple TV+ on July 17, 2024, along with new episodes of Presumed Innocent and Land of Women.


Suzie and Sunny continue their journey in Apple TV+’s latest sci-fi drama and you can find the review of the next episode right here on our website, so make sure you keep a lookout for the same!

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