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Sunny Review: Rashida Jones Delivers Heartbreaking Performance in New Apple TV+ Series

Sunny Review

Apple TV+ has released yet another original series in 2024 adding to its impressive roster of titles like Presumed Innocent, Loot, Land of Women, Sugar, Palm Royale, and many others. The latest series on the streaming platform is Sunny, starring Rashida Jones who takes the lead as Suzie, a woman who hates robots and AI and is grieving the disappearance of her husband and son after an airplane tragedy.

At its very core, Sunny is a drama series but the base of it is sci-fi, more specifically AI, as Suzie discovers more about her husband with the help of a robot, Sunny.

The first two episodes of this sci-fi drama are now streaming on Apple TV+, and in this review, we will dive a little deeper as to why we believe Jones’ latest series deserves a spot on your watchlist.

Rashida Jones is the Star of Sunny!

To begin with, it is important to note that Rashida Jones’ performance as Suzie in Sunny might just be one of her best performances so far. Jones has always been the side character in bigger shows like Parks and Recreation or The Officer, but finally, she is under the spotlight, and rightfully so.

Jones has had no trouble taking on this dynamic role and executing it to be best of her ability, making it one of the top reasons everyone needs to go watch Sunny.

Rashida Jones is the Star of Sunny!
Credit: Apple TV+

There’s plenty of dark humor scattered around Sunny episodes 1 and 2, as Suzie grieves the potential death of her son, Zen, and her husband, Masa. The reason we say “potential” is because as of now, everything is a question mark. If you make an assumption in the first episode, chances are that it will completely change after watching the second episode.

Sunny episodes 1 and 2
Credit: Apple TV+

Sunny is quick-paced but still manages to make it easy to follow, and has a mix of English and Japanese, which is a welcome addition. As the series progresses from the first episode to the second episode, it is more than enough time to establish that there is so much more going on, especially when it comes to Masa’s character, who is the biggest question mark.

Suzie is left questioning her entire marriage, her husband, his job, and everything in between. But luckily, Suzie is smart and despite being drowned in heartbreak, she is out to get answers and won’t stop. While Jones is undoubtedly the star of the series, let’s not forget the robot, aka the reason behind the title of the series, Sunny.

Sunny Review
Credit: Apple TV+

AI has begun taking over the world, and also the entertainment world as this Apple TV+ has several themes of AI, robots, and the downside of it after all the blood that was discovered with Suzie in these episodes. As a series, Sunny is well-structured and intriguing, and Jones’ performance is the icing on top!


The first two episodes of Sunny are only the tip of the iceberg as there’s plenty more to come in the following episodes. So, make sure you keep a lookout on our website for any updates, reviews, and previews of the same!

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