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Supacell Episode 2 Review: Tazer Attempts to Embrace His Superpower

Supacell Episode 2 Review

Each episode of Supacell focuses on a different character, like the first episode focussed primarily on Michael whilst also showcasing some scenes of the others, Supacell Episode 2 focuses on Tazer, as the title of the episode suggests.

So far, this series has proved that it will continue to set itself apart with every episode, and there’s always a unique element that superhero fans might not have seen before, making Supacell a refreshing and honest experience.

As far as Episode 2 of the latest superhero series goes, the viewers get a chance to get to know the characters a little better, with plenty of focus on Tazer and Michael’s storyline this time around.

However, one must continue to wait patiently before the gang actually comes together. There will be some spoilers ahead in this review!

Do These Superpowers Come With Responsibilities?

Although Supacell Episode 2 focuses primarily on Tazer, it also shows a flashback of Michael’s conversation with future Michael, and how he needs to find four other people. Supacell wastes no time in making things interesting, and that’s evident from the start of Episode 2, which will leave the viewers excited for what’s to come next.

When it comes to Tazer’s part of the story, it’s certainly a lot more action-packed, there’s a lot more blood, and it’s ruthless. But it’s the contrast between the different superheroes and their stories that make it all much more interesting, especially in Supacell Episode 2, which helps pick up the pace of the series as a whole.

Do These Superpowers Come With Responsibilities?
Credit: Netflix

One that truly stands out in this particular episode is how differently the characters react to their superpowers. There’s shocked, happy, in denial, and so many more emotions that are swirling around in the entire episode. While it might feel a little slow-paced at certain moments, it’s only because the suspense is increasing with every passing minute, and the questions continue to pile up, but the answers are on the way!

Even in the second episode, Michael continues to remain our favorite, and his relationship with his girlfriend truly stands out in the series so far as it carries emotions like never before. Michael knows what’s going to happen in the future, and we witness his attempt to try and stop it from happening, but it is a painstakingly slow process, even for the series.

Supacell Episode 2 Review
Credit: Netflix


There’s plenty more to come, and Supacell Episode 2 only stretches the surface of the series, but that only leaves room for more growth, of the plot and the characters. Make sure you stick around for the next episode and our review of the same!

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