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That ’90s Show Part 2 Episode 6 Review: Jay apologizes to Leia


That ’90s Show is the work of Gregg Mettler, Lindsey, Bonnie, and Terry Turner. Mettler has also executive produced this show which serves as a sequel to That ’70s Show. Upon its premiere on Netflix in January 2023, the show became a success and was loved for its light humor.

The makers are now back with the second season of this sitcom and its Part 2 was released on June 27th. Due to fans’ excitement, we will be reviewing That ’90s Show Part 2 Episode 6 and reveal its important aspects.

Leia is mad at Jay

That ’90s Show Part 2 Episode 6 has been named I Can See Clearly Now and it showcases Leia is still angry at Jay because of all the girls he has professed his love to. Nikki and Nate sleep together again and again secretly and it feels like a reminder of Friends where Chandler and Monic slept around in a secret manner. Leia, Nikki and Gwen obsess over a bra and they end up shoplifting it.

Leia is mad at Jay
Credits: Distractify

While the two leave, Gwen is caught by the guard. Meanwhile, Jay is thinking about how he should make Leia believe him again. Kitty gets a medicologist for her ankle issue and some pretty funny moments take place between them. Red is pissed off to see him.

That ’90s Show Part 2 Episode 6 then shows Gwen being asked by the mall guards and the conversation turns funny in no time. Despite saying that they will never do it again, Nikki and Nate hook up again. Meanwhile, we see Kitty and Red again as they are dealing with an increasingly clingy musicologist.

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Gwen is arrested for shoplifting

Gwen has a weird chat with one of the cops where she is put up as he is dealing with his own issues. Her mother is called up and she takes Gwen with her.

Later, we see Jay meeting and apologizing to every girl whom he said I love you. Stacy is still behind him and is obsessed with him in That ’90s Show Part 2 Episode 6.

Gwen is arrested for shoplifting
Credits: Netflix

Later, the medical guy reveals that he does drugs and he asks for money from Kitty. She realizes that he is a fraud and she admits misjudging him to Red. Stacy shows up again despite Jay telling her that he loves Leia.

This happens in front of Leia who wanted to forgive everyone. They eventually patch up. Gwen has a nice chat with his mom and Nate and Nikki are still sleeping around.


That ’90s Show Part 2 Episode 6 was a really funny episode and contained all the tropes and signatures this show is known for. Leia finally forgives Jay after he puts in much effort and it leads to a sweet scene between them.

Other characters also had their moments and we also see the plot touching on the racism Gwen feels from her own mother. It was a nice episode to binge.

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