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The Acolyte Episode 8 Preview, Release Date And More

The Acolyte Episode 8 Preview

The Acolyte has been an extremely gripping series since it began. A part of the Star Wars franchise, the series is in the sci-fi genre and it takes place in a very interesting timeline of the main saga. So far, seven episodes from its maiden season are out and have been loved by viewers.

The Acolyte Episode 8 is the upcoming episode and given what happened in the last episode, the expectations are on the roof for it. Read on to find out all the details of this anticipated episode.

The Acolyte Episode 8
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What Is The Acolyte All About?

Leslye Headland has created The Acolyte who is also the showrunner. The storyline takes place right when the era of the High Republic came to an end which is almost 100 years before the Skywalker saga started. It focuses on a Jedi master looking into a series of criminal acts which leads him to meet a Padawan.

Headland is the executive producer with Jeff F. King, Kathleen Kennedy, Jason Micallef, and Simon Emanuel. The Acolyte premiered on June 4th, 2024.

What Happened In The Previous Episode?

Choice is the name of The Acolyte Episode 7 which was released on July 9th, 2024. It was directed by Kogonada while the script was penned by Jen Richards, Charmaine DeGraté, and Jasmyne Flournoy.

The storyline goes back 16 years ago in Brendok where the Jedi is looking for a vergence. Sol sees Mae and Osha going to get some training.

He plans to go after them with his team. Indara has a chat with Mae about the Ascension and there is some squeamishness to accept her and Osha for the Jedi Order. Osha passes the test with Sol’s help.

What Happened In The Previous Episode?

The Jedi find out via test that Mae and Osha are the same person and were actually created. Koril and Mae don’t want Osha to leave. Later, Aniseya is killed by Sol. This would lead to a war between the witness and the Jedi.

The mind of Kenacca is controlled by the witches and he fights Torbin and Sol. Eventually, Kelnacca is saved by Indara, and the witches are defeated. Indara tells Osha that Mae is responsible for all the carnage. This was done so that Sol was not blamed by the Council and trialed for his crimes. He has plans to train Osha for the future.

What To Expect From The Acolyte Episode 8?

The Acolyte Episode 8 will be the final episode of this season and it’s written by Jason Micallef while the director is Hanelle Culpepper. Sol still has some dark secrets buried inside him related to Brendok. The penultimate episode finally revealed the secret of that day and how Mae and Osha were turned against each other.

We also know that they are the same person with consciousness being shared in two bodies. Mae will be going after Sol since he killed Aniseya in the earlier episode. It might lead to a very violent confrontation between these two as Mae cannot forgive him for what he has done.

In The Acolyte Episode 8, Mae will continue to look for Osha as well as Qimir. Fans have been wondering about the origin of Sith and it might get answered in the final episode.

The person or the circumstances that led to the creation of Osha and Mae are something that might also be explored in this episode. A lot of questions need to be answered in the finale and we are hoping that it happens. There are high chances of carnage-level fight scenes happening in it as well.

Do We Have A Release Date?

The Acolyte Episode 8 will be released on Tuesday, July 16th, 2024 on Disney+. The duration of this episode will be around 40 minutes but it can be longer given that it’s the finale.

Do We Have A Release Date?
Credits: Disney+


The Acolyte breaks the clutter and the fatigue that had seeped into the Star Wars franchise lately. It is gripping and keeps you on your toes with its really interesting world full of intricate characters.

After seven episodes, we are now gearing towards The Acolyte Episode 8 which is the finale. Fans are eagerly looking forward to it for too many reasons.

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