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The Bachelor Season 28 Episode 11 Recap: Joey’s Ultimate Proposal: Who Is He Engaged To?

The Bachelor

In a breathtaking moment during the “The Bachelor” finale, Joey Graziadei made the ultimate proposal. Viewers celebrated seeing the last rose be given out and Joey’s search for love come to an end. Who did he propose to and what happened in the finale of season 28 of “The Bachelor”? Let’s find out.

Joey Makes The Two Contestants Meet His Family

As Joey Graziadei introduced finalists Kelsey Anderson and Daisy Kent to his family in the Season 28 finale of “The Bachelor,” tension reached a breaking point. Joey’s sisters were won over by Daisy’s sincere manner, which encouraged them to accept her proposal. Daisy’s vulnerability in expressing her love for Joey warmed hearts, especially during a sincere chat with Joey’s mother. 

Joey Makes The Two Contestants Meet His Family
Credits: ABC

Joey struggled to make the tough choice between Daisy and Kelsey, though. He realised that despite his difficulties, a decision had to be taken. With enormous stakes and the knowledge that only one lady would win Joey’s last rose and an engagement ring, fans anxiously anticipated the critical moment. 

The concern arises when Kelsey Anderson’s conversation with Joey’s sister in the dramatic “The Bachelor” Season 28 finale reveals her reluctance to be married. Her genuineness and emotional openness win over Joey’s parents, but her hesitation to commit casts doubt on Joey’s family.

Character depth is shown by Kelsey’s contradictory feelings about perhaps hurting her friend Daisy, which highlights her complexity and empathy. Kelsey shows her sincerity when she says she wants to spend the rest of her life with Joey, even in the face of uncertainty. 

One Final Date With The Girls

The weight of his choice hits home for Joey as he negotiates his last minutes with each of the women. Viewers are gripped by intense emotions and the ticking clock as they eagerly for Joey’s quest for true love to come to an end. The scene is set for a dramatic resolution as Joey struggles to reconcile the demands of commitment and love with his genuine heart’s desire.

On “The Bachelor,” Joey Graziadei spends their last one-on-one dates with competitors Daisy Kent and Kelsey Anderson as the crucial proposal day draws near. Already nervous, Daisy longs to tell Joey how much she loves her but is irritated by their lack of deep discourse on their spiritual date. She feels worried about their future despite Joey’s cryptic response, despite her impassioned declaration. 

One Final Date With The Girls
Credits: ABC

On the other hand, Joey and Kelsey’s date is carefree, full of giggles and laid-back moments. With openness, Kelsey shares that she is ready to get engaged, expressing her love for Joey and looking forward to their future together.

Joey gives Kelsey comfort, telling her to ignore her doubts and keep her spirits up. As Kelsey declares her love and steadfast support for Joey, it is clear that she is devoted to her friend. A dramatic season finale is set in motion as Joey and the candidates wrestle with the intricacies of love and commitment, with emotions running high and decisions looming.

The Moment Of Truth: Who Did Joey Propose To In The Bachelor?

In an unexpected turn of events on “The Bachelor,” Joey and the live audience are shocked when Daisy and Kelsey show up together at the proposal location, breaking convention. The already dramatic occasion gains emotional depth from their unheard-of togetherness. Daisy and Joey are saved from additional suffering by Daisy’s courageous choice to face the unavoidable truth. 

Hearts ache as she declares her love for Joey while acknowledging the unsaid truth, perfectly capturing the intense emotion of the show’s conclusion. As Daisy says goodbye, Joey’s tears reflect those of the audience, providing a moving reminder of the difficulties involved in love and sacrifice. 

The Moment Of Truth: Who Did Joey Propose To In The Bachelor?
Credits: ABC

The true friendship that is built between competitors is highlighted by Kelsey’s unwavering support for Daisy, which culminates in an unexpectedly beautiful moment. Even though it was kind of expected, Joey’s proposal to Kelsey is nevertheless heartfelt because it strengthens their relationship. 

Accepting the last rose represents not just Kelsey’s victory in love but also the depth of her journey and her heart’s resilience. The meaningful moments shared by the participants lift the show beyond ordinary entertainment in a season full of unexpected turns, leaving a lasting impression on viewers long after the final rose is handed.


In a season filled with twists, turns, and heartfelt moments, “The Bachelor” Season 28 finale delivered the drama and emotion fans crave. From tense family introductions to unexpected alliances, the journey culminated in Joey Graziadei’s heartfelt proposal to Kelsey Anderson.

Despite the tears and tough decisions, the bonds formed between contestants shone brightly, reminding us all of the power of love and friendship in the quest for lasting happiness.

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