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The Boys Season 4 Episode 4: Preview, Release Date, And More

The Boys

Season 4 of “The Boys,” attempts to tell a cautionary story about the dangers of following leaders who are mistaken, especially those who promote division. The story revolves around the battle between the corrupt superpowered people known as “Supes” and the misfit vigilantes known as “The Boys,” highlighting themes of power, control, and the moral ramifications of authority.

Fans have been loving the ongoing season a lot and are wondering when the next episode of “The Boys” will be released. So, let’s find out what we know about the upcoming episode.

When Is Episode 4 Of The Boys Release?

“The Boys” season 4 episode 4, titled “Wisdom of the Ages,” will premiere on Prime Video at 3 a.m. ET / 12:00 a.m. PT on Thursday, June 20. 

When Is Episode 4 Of The Boys Release?
Credits: Prime Video

Fans can catch the latest instalment of the satirical superhero series as it continues to explore themes of power, corruption, and moral ambiguity! 

What Happened In The Previous Episode?

The story devolves further into chaos in the third episode of “The Boys” season 4, “We’ll Keep the Red Flag Flying Here,” as Homelander’s spiral into insanity approaches a critical point. Homelander has a troubling episode where he fights with his reflection in the mirror, exposing his damaged mind and increasing instability, after a traumatic encounter with his son Ryan.

Meanwhile, Butcher’s inability to free Ryan from Homelander’s influence has caused a deep division within his newly formed crew. The need to safeguard Ryan becomes more pressing as Butcher’s terminal sickness draws closer to his death. There is a tangible sense of risk and desperation to their quest because of Joe’s threat to kill Ryan if they are unable to control him.

What Happened In The Previous Episode?
Credits: Prime Video

The larger setting of Vought and The Seven falls apart in the middle of these individual hardships. The moment A-Train turned to the Boys’ side to save Hughie from Homelander’s deadly intent highlights the divisions inside the superhero organization. Despite his previous betrayals, A-Train’s surprise display of bravery casts doubt on his loyalty and offers hope for forgiveness.

In addition, the alliance of Homelander, Sister Sage, and Victoria Neuman exposes a dark scheme to increase Supe’s control over humankind. Their covert agreement to remove barriers and take control highlights the existential threat that unbridled superhuman authority poses. 

What To Expect From The Upcoming Episode?

In the upcoming episode 4 of “The Boys,” titled “Wisdom of the Ages,” viewers can anticipate deepening tensions and complex character dynamics. The stakes are high for both villains and heroes as Homelander and Sister Sage, the world’s smartest person, work together to redefine The Seven and Vought’s power. 

What To Expect From The Upcoming Episode?
Credits: Prime Video

Homelander’s connection with his son Ryan and his psychological battles with age are about to get worse. His irritation grows as a result of his failure to connect with Ryan, and his behaviour becomes more erratic. In the meantime, Butcher must act quickly to persuade Ryan to cut all connections with Homelander to protect himself. 

Episode 4 promises to dive deeper into these journeys while possibly revealing new levels of conflict and betrayal among The Seven, as tensions rise and alliances change. Fans can anticipate drama, surprising turns, and an in-depth look at the complex relationships that characterize the “The Boys” universe.


“The Boys” continues to captivate with its exploration of power dynamics and moral complexities in Season 4. As the characters grapple with personal turmoil and looming threats, including Homelander’s unravelling psyche and Butcher’s race against time, each episode deepens the stakes and challenges faced by both Supes and vigilantes alike.

With episode 4, “Wisdom of the Ages” set to unveil new layers of intrigue and conflict, fans can expect another thrilling instalment that pushes the boundaries of superhero storytelling. 

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