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The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Episode 4 Preview, Release Date And More

The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Episode 4

The Cleaning Lady has emerged as one of the best-reviewed television series in 2024. Created by Miranda Kwok, it is based on a Spanish series called La chica que limpia which was released in Argentina in the year 2017. Right after its release on Fox in 2022, the series received good reviews and was renewed for a second and a subsequent third season.

The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Episode 4 Preview
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So far, three episodes have aired from the latest season and there is quite a lot of buzz around The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Episode 4 which holds a lot of promises. Read on if you want to know more about it.

What Is The Cleaning Lady All About?

The Cleaning Lady is the story of a surgeon named Thony De La Rosa (played by Élodie Yung) who has Cambodian-Filipino origins. She worked as a surgeon in a hospital in Manilla. She is forced to work as a cleaning lady in Las Vegas for the gangsters after her Visa in the US expires. She is accompanied by her son Luca and is declared an illegal immigrant.

Luca suffers a health issue that can threaten his life. For his treatment, the boy needs to undergo a procedure involving bone marrow something that’s only available in that city.

What Is The Cleaning Lady All About?
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She also has her sister-in-law named Fiona (played by Martha Millan) working for the criminals. They end up working for them after Thony sees a murder done by Arman Morales who then hires her as a doctor and cleaner for his organization. She agrees to do it for the treatment money for her son. Thony continues to work for them but lies about it to her family.

The first season of The Cleaning Lady premiered on January 3, 2022, with its final episode airing on March 14th, 2022. It had a total of ten episodes that aired on Fox. A second season took place between September 19th, 2022, and December 12th, 2022 with 12 episodes. The Cleaning Lady Season 3 started on March 5, 2024.

What Happened In The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Episode 3?

The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Episode 3 was called “El Camino del Diablo”. It starts with Thony working towards Fiona returning safely back to the United States via the Cartels by cracking a deal. We also see Fiona’s son Chris helping a lady and her child through the money earned from smuggling. However, the danger comes around when Fiona and Chris and left in a desert by the smugglers.

Meanwhile, a lady named Soledad gets help from Thony after childbirth on a bus despite the orders not to do so. We also witness Russo being asked by Nadia for some kind of immunity which is for Arman and her. She also talks about Arman’s links with the cartel.

What To Expect From The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Episode 4?

The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Episode 4 is called Agua, Fuego, Tierra, Viento and is written by Eddie Serrano. The 30-second promo for the episode showcases how Fiona and Chris struggle to find help in the desert. It also showcases Ramona Sanchez (played by Kate del Castillo) confronting Nadia Morales (played by Eva De Dominici) on what she is up to.

Thony De La Rosa, meanwhile, tries to find the whereabouts of Chris and Fiona. The promo ends with a character pulling a gun on her and forcing her to get in his vehicle. We might also see how her son’s custody will be affected by her act of saving Soledad on the bus.

Do We Have A Release Date?

The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Episode 4 will be released on Fox on March 26th, 2024 at 8 pm (ET). It can be also enjoyed on streaming platforms like Hulu Live TV, YouTube TV, Fubo TV, and Sling TV. The third season will have a total of 12 episodes that will be released weekly.


The Cleaning Lady is one of the few shows that shines out despite being a remake. Some fans have even felt that it was better than the original Argentinian show. On the surface, it is about crimes and gangsters, but the story is mainly about a mother going to lengths to save her ill son. The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Episode 4 will continue that saga in an interesting manner.

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