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The Mole Season 2 Episodes 6-8 Review: Shocking Eliminations and Difficult Decisions

The Mole Season 2 Episodes 6-8 Review

The Mole Season 2 continues as Netflix has now released episodes 6, 7, and 8. It’s safe to say that much like the first five episodes of the new season, the next set is just as exciting, entertaining, and filled with surprises. There’s no lack of drama when it comes to The Mole Season 2, and these episodes are yet another proof of that.

This was the second of episodes, which means there remains only one more week. Admittedly, Netflix’s pattern of releasing a little bit every week works in favor of The Mole Season 2, as compared to the usual dating reality shows, because suspense plays an important here.

In this article, we will review the latest set of episodes, and there will be some spoilers ahead!

The Plot Thickens!

Neesh has been one of the most trustworthy contestants in The Mole Season 2 so far and has played an important part since the first episode. In fact, he’s also one of the contestants who has gotten plenty of screen time, and that continues in Episode 6, but not necessarily in his favor.

Exemption plays a big role in the series, and the group has worked hard to build their money pot, and the person who managed to empty it all was none other than Neesh. No one was expecting this shocking plot twist, but it only made the game more interesting.

The Plot Thickens!
Credit: Netflix

Episode 6 also witnessed an elimination, which is one of the more heartbreaking parts of the reality series. The contestants bid goodbye to Quaylyn, aka Q, but of course, The Mole Season 2 isn’t going to be very straightforward, and nothing is ever as it seems, and within no time, Q was back in the game!

The rest of episode 6 and most of episode 7 focused primarily on the tasks and challenges that were given to the contestants, and we must admit, none of them were easy, and a lot harder compared to the previous especially.

However, it’s a treat for the viewers, and so far, The Mole Season 2 has successfully made its mark on Netflix!

The Mole Season 2
Credit: Netflix

There was one more elimination in this set of episodes which took place in episode 8 as the contestants bid adieu to Neesh. This might be one of the more bittersweet eliminations of the season so far, but now, we look forward to the next set of episodes because the contestants now have bigger decisions to make as the season heads closer to the finale.

Credit: Netflix


The Mole Season 2 has been an intriguing adventure so far, so make sure you check our website as we review the final set of episodes, because there are plenty more twists and turns to come, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on them!

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