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Time Bandits Apple TV+ Release Date, Trailer And More

Time Bandits

Time Bandits seems like a very interesting show that is coming on Apple TV+. This series is in the fantasy adventure genre and with Taika Waititi’s name involved, it has managed to generate massive buzz among viewers who are eagerly waiting for its release on the streamer.

Viewers really want to know about this series and all its details including the plot, who is starring in it and when will it be released. We will answer all these questions so continue to read if you are looking forward to this show.

What Is The Plot of Time Bandits?

Time Bandits has a very interesting storyline involving several people who are thieves and call themselves Time Bandits as they steal things. A kid named Kevin, who is fascinated by history, accidentally stumbles upon their universe through his cupboard.

Despite being only 11 years old, his wit is treasurable and he quickly becomes a part of the thieves. Situations lead the entire team to save his father and mother and quickly realize they need to save the world as well while they roam in the universe and face threats from bad guys. It is based on the 1981 namesake film which was helmed by Terry Gilliam.

Cast And Crew of Time Bandits

Time Bandits stars Friends fame Lisa Kudrow playing the role of Penelope in the main lead. Other cast members include Kal-El Tuck (playing Kevin), Charlyne Yi (Judy), Tadhg Murphy (Alto), Roger Jean Nsengiyumva (Widgit), Rune Temte (Bittelig), Kiera Thompson (Saffron), Rachel House (Fianna), Matt King (De Plume), George Houvardas (Ajax the Lesser), Zoë Ventoura (Cassandra), Taika Waititi (Supreme Being) and Jemaine Clement (Pure Evil).

Cast And Crew of Time Bandits
Credits: Apple

Taika Waititi is the creator of Time Bandits along with Iain Morris and Jemaine Clement. The executive producers of this show include Terry Gilliam (director of the original film), Waititi, Clement, Morris, Dan Halsted, and Garrett Basch.

Overall, the series boasts a very talented and interesting set of actors. The involvement of Waititi is very interesting as he is an exciting voice. His tryst with Marvel did not work so there is much riding on this but the hopes are high given the source material.

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Do We Have A Trailer?

On July 9th, 2024, the official trailer of Time Bandits was dropped by Apple TV+. With a runtime of two minutes and 37 seconds, the trailer consists of some really interesting moments and increases the excitement for it.

The video starts with a little girl asking her brother, ‘why can’t you be a normal person with normal friends?’ We then see the little guy who is simply different and is interested in ancient Greece and the Vikings.

Do We Have A Trailer?
Credits: Apple

One day, his wardrobe shakes and he sees a door inside it. The kid goes inside and is chased by some axe-wielding people on a beach. Penelope is then introduced and she is one of the bandits. We then realize that the kid’s room is something called time egress which allows them to travel throughout the universe. She heads the Time Bandits, which is a group of thieves who steal anything.

There are some really funny moments in the trailer that highlight the lighthearted nature of the show. We are also introduced to the villains who are looking for a map and are after the bandits and the kid. The trailer ends with the bandits dropping the kid to the wrong family amid heavy snow.

Do We Have A Release Date?

Time Bandits will be released on Wednesday, July 24th, 2024 on Apple TV+. The first two episodes will be dropping on the same day and they are directed by Taika Waititi who has also co-written them with Iain Morris and Jemaine Clement.


Time Bandits is an upcoming series that is an adaptation of a much-loved film from Terry Gillian. With a stellar set of actors and interesting voices behind this Apple TV+ series, it is highly anticipated among viewers and they are hoping it will be funny and a very thrilling series.

While it’s an adaptation, the trailer gives a feel that it’s a fresh take on the same plot. Time Bandits is going to release on the streamer soon and fans can wait for it.

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