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Tokyo Swindlers: Release Date, Plot, Cast And More

Tokyo Swindlers

Written and directed by Hitoshi One (The Vortex of Love, Tornado Girl), Tokyo Swindlers is an upcoming Japanese crime-thriller series that is all set to be at the top of your watchlist for the perfect weekend binge. This series isn’t for the faint-hearted because the stakes are higher than ever, and we’re here to tell you all about it.

An intriguing premise, a talented cast, and some shocking plot twists are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Tokyo Swindlers.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the upcoming Japanese series, from the plot to the cast and much more, so make sure you stick around until the end.

What is the Plot of Tokyo Swindlers?

Tokyo Swindlers revolves around a group of real estate swindlers as the prices of real estate in Tokyo see a massive rise. These con artists are known as “land swindlers” and their schemes can lead to the death of people, as long as they get the job done.

Now, they are on to their next scam, which is also the biggest one yet, but will they be able to pull it off with the involvement of far too many people including their enemies, and the police? You can watch part of the upcoming crime series in the teaser trailer released by Netflix.

The Cast of Tokyo Swindlers

As we mentioned earlier, Tokyo Swindlers boasts a talented cast and if you are well-versed with Japanese shows and movies, then these cast members will prove to be familiar faces.

Joining the cast of Tokyo Swindlers are Go Ayano (Kounodori, Yakuza and the Family), Etsushi Toyokawa (Aishiteiru to Itte Kure, Shikake-nin Fujieda Baian), Kazuki Kitamura (Silent Parade, Neko zamurai), Kaito Yoshimura (Taiyô wo tsukame, God Seeks in Return), Izumi Matsuoka (Twisted Justice, The Devil’s Path), and Elaiza Ikeda (Cherry Boys, Kakegurui) amongst many others.

The Cast of Tokyo Swindlers
Credit: Netflix

When and Where Can You Watch Tokyo Swindlers?

June has been a packed and entertaining month for Netflix with releases like Joko Anwar’s Nightmares and Daydreams and Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2, and July will be no exception. On July 25, 2024, viewers will witness the official premiere of Tokyo Swindlers.

So, make sure you mark your calendars because you won’t want to miss out on this crime-thriller!


If the official teaser of Tokyo Swindlers has you hooked already, then be sure to check out the series following its release. Also, do keep a lookout on our website for a detailed review of the same, which will help you decide whether you want to stream it or skip it.

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