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Troppo Season 2: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot And More

Troppo Season 2

Troppo is a show from Australia that not many people know. This drama series was a success and well-received during its run in 2022. Every performance, writing, as well as direction, and other things, received much praise from viewers and critics. Its finale was also quite dramatic.

Since then, the buzz around Troppo Season 2 has been doing the rounds. Fans have been demanding it for quite some time and then some updates came which made the fans happy. So continue reading as we decipher them and find out answers.

What Is Troppo All About?

Yolanda Ramke has created Troppo and is an adaptation of Crimson Lake series which is a best-selling book penned by Candice Fox. It is about an ex-cop and a private investigator teaming up to find out a person who has been missing in the far north region of Queensland. The series premiered on February 27th, 2022 on ABC and the finale was released on April 17th, 2022.

Written by Yolanda Ramke, the episode was directed by Ramke and Ben Howling. Ted Conkaffey and Amanda Pharrell are finally unable to find out how Park died but it’s not comforting. Meanwhile, Amanda confronts her issues from the past.

Is Troppo Season 2 Happening?

Troppo Season 2 was announced shortly after the finale dropped. In October 2023, the shooting of Season 2 wrapped in Australia. This is evident that the show was a major success for ABC and people loved it.

Given that the makers still have enough source material (the books) to take things from, Troppo Season 2 will be really exciting. The first season had the two finally solving a case. So the second season might have them looking for another case as they decide to team up once more.

Is Troppo Season 2 Happening?
Credits: Variety

Do We Have A Trailer?

On July 5th, the makers dropped a one-minute 43-second long trailer for the Season 2. The trailer begins with someone being happy seeing Amanda back in action. She then says that six months ago someone killed a man right in front of her.

Ted is also back in action and the duo will be investigating a new case involving a heinous crime. The trailer features some really interesting and shocking moments from Troppo Season 2 which the viewers will get to see soon.

It ends on a very gripping note as someone hits Ted’s vehicle while he is talking to Amanda. She continues to spell his name as we see someone dragging him out of the car. The storyline of the second season takes place six months after the first one. The duo are more experienced since they solved their first murder case together.

This time, they have to unravel the killing of a leader from a healing retreat who also had links to a drug and a biker gang. Given that the duo is looking into this case, it will surely upset the gang and they will attack Amanda and Ted. It would be interesting to see how they cope with it.

Who Will Be In The Cast?

Troppo Season 2 will have Thomas Jane returning to play Ted Conkaffey, while Nicole Chamoun will be Amanda Pharrell again. Other cast members of this season include Simon Lyndon (Ezra Cole aka Twist), Radha Mitchell (Kelly Conkaffey), Angela Punch McGregor (Val), Sara West (Brooke), and Ling Cooper Tang (D.I. Hench) as well as Kate Beahan (Olivia).

We might also see new actors if there is a need for new characters in the season. Some characters who died in the prior season might appear via flashbacks in the follow-up season.

Who Will Be In The Cast?
Credits: Amazon

Do We Have A Release Date?

Troppo Season 2 will premiere on July 25th, 2024 on Prime Video and Amazon Freevee. It will also have eight episodes in total with a similar duration as the first season.


Troppo is a gripping detective drama from Australia that captivated everyone globally. The plots revolve around the uncovering of a crime by two people who continue to face many challenges.

Troppo is the showcase of fine writing, performances, and direction that has combined to give an immersive show. The Season 2 is happening and it’s good news for the fans who again wanted to see their favorite characters.

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