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Walker Season 4 Episode 13 Preview: What Will Happen?

Walker Season 4 Episode 13 Preview

Walker has been engaging the viewers with its inventive genre change, dramatic plot, and interesting characters. The series is in the contemporary Western and action crime genre. Since it began in 2021, it has become a massive success and is currently in the fourth season.

Walker Season 4 Episode 13 is going to be the upcoming episode. In this article, we will be deciphering the details of this episode related to what it has to offer and when it will be out for viewers to enjoy. So keep reading to figure it out.

What Is Walker All About?

The series is the brain of Anna Fricke and it functions as a reboot of Walker, Texas Ranger which was a series headed by Chuck Norris that came out in the 1990s. It focuses on Cordell Walker (played by Jared Padalecki) who works as a Ranger in Texas. He returns to his town after being undercover for a case for many years. Now, he has to solve the crimes of his hometown.

Padalecki is also serving as the executive producer along with Fricke, Jessica Yu, Dan Lin, and Lindsey Liberatore. Walker premiered on January 21st, 2021, and had 18 episodes. Walker Season 4 started on April 3rd, 2024.

What Happened In The Previous Episode?

Walker Season 4 Episode 12 was named Letting Go and it was released on June 19th, 2024. It was directed by Steve Robin and Russel Friend and Casey Fisher is the writer. Cordell has been rescued by Larry and Trey and receives the antidote.

The dead body of Luna is also found by them. After that, they go to pursue the Jackal and a bullet hits the vest of Larry during a shootout. Eventually, they arrest a man.

What Happened In The Previous Episode?
Credits: Nerds and Beyond

Cordell talks to Stella in the hospital where he is admitted. Later, Geri comes to meet him and Cordell finally tells him the real name of Jackal, Cole Tillman. Meanwhile, Cassie gets emotional after hearing the voice of Luna.

A lot of interrogations and questioning take place at the headquarters and involve many people. Cole reveals that he was hunting and says that he is innocent. Cassie also tells Cole that he did not conduct the death of Luna. Post that, a press conference is held by the Rangers to announce the arrest of Rebecca and Cole and the closure of the cast of Jackal.

What To Expect From Walker Season 4 Episode 13?

Walker Season 4 Episode 13 is named See You Sometime and Robin has again helmed it. The episode is written by Blythe Ann Johnson and Anna Fricke and it will be the finale of this season. A short promo of this episode hints that it will be an emotional ride and we will see Walker saying goodbye to the people around him.

It will showcase another dangerous mission these rangers will be going on. Walker will team up with Trivette to look into an IRA faction that has been radicalized. They are a dangerous group of people and are involved in murders and other things.

One of their killers tries to target one person who belongs to the peace mission. Walker Season 4 Episode 13 will focus on the attempts made by Walker and his people to stop this killing from happening.

They will be also in danger as they track the killer on a mission. Since it’s the last episode, we can expect everything from it ranging from emotional goodbyes to nail-biting action and thrilling scenes. Overall, we can be assured that it will be a very entertaining episode.

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Do We Have A Release Date?

Walker Season 4 Episode 13 will be released on Wednesday, June 26th, 2024 on The CW. Its runtime will be the usual 40 minutes. The episode will be also available on the official CW application.

Do We Have A Release Date?
Credits: Nerds and Beyond


Walker is a fine reboot of a very popular show from the 90s. It does justice to the core idea and brings a new take to it. The writing, performances as well as direction of the show are consistently good.

This season is ending with Walker Season 4 Episode 13 and it will be really emotionally thrilling for everyone.

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