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All American Season 6 Episode 10 Recap: Everything That Happened In This Episode

All American Season 6 Episode 10 Recap

All American has emerged as a successful show that beautifully mixes sports with real-life drama. A creation of April Blair, the series is based on the life of popular American football player Spencer Paysinger.

It stars Daniel Ezra as Spencer James who plays for the Crenshaw and the Beverly Hills High and slowly becomes a big player.

All American Season 6 Episode 10 Recap
Credits: Uproxx

All American Season 6 Episode 10 continued to tell his tale as he navigates his personal life while being a success on the field. So let us take a look into this episode.

Spencer continues to navigate his hard life

The prior episode of All American was its 1000th episode which is a massive milestone to achieve on television. All American Season 6 Episode 10 was called Mass Appeal and it was released on June 3rd, 2024. It was written by Robert D. Doty and Dawn Wilkinson directed it.

Spencer continues to navigate his hard life
Credits: Uproxx

We see Spencer James (played by Daniel Ezra) face the NFL combine. However, it turns out to be a hard thing for him as as struggles with it. This happens when all the coaches start talking about his life. This affects him deeply and he starts contemplating a few things.

We also see Jordan Baker (played by Michael Evans Behling) caring for Layla Keating (played by Greta Onieogou) as he tells her to take a day off so that he can work on the brunch work of the lounge. We have seen how Layla has been in need of a break but has opted to work tirelessly. This was sensed by Jordan as well and he finally suggested to her that which she agreed.

This move showcased a better understanding from Jordan’s side as some women suppress their needs to fulfill other people’s wishes. However, he wanted her to think about herself and take a much-needed break which was appreciated from her end.

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A tribute to Kamar de los Reyes

All American Season 6 Episode 10 paid a very touching tribute to its actor Kamar de los Reyes who had passed away last year in December after a fight with cancer. He had appeared as Coach Montes in this season.

Even though the character had several scenes, Reyes death made the makers come up with different plans. His character was reduced from the screentime since they could not shoot.

A tribute to Kamar de los Reyes
Credits: Deadline

Viewers are informed in All American Season 6 Episode 10 that Montes was planning to leave the college of coastal California. This was because Asher had landed a job at the NFL. This provided a very heartfelt reminder to viewers about the character which was well received among viewers.

This also reminded us that makers sometimes go beyond their call and try to give a beautiful goodbye to a character even though was not big, but was loved by fans. All American Season 6 Episode 10 showcased exactly that and it was fun to witness for all the fans of the show.


All American is a fascinating tale of triumph and it’s well made. The first season started in October 2018 and became a success. This was followed by multiple seasons. Currently, the sixth season is happening and fans are hooked into Spencer’s world as he faces different kinds of challenges. All American Season 6 Episode 10 was really fascinating and inspiring and fulfilled all the boxes a fan had for the show.

The show rarely disappoints and we became a witness to that again with this episode. Overall, the episode remains as enjoyable as All American the show. It remains a throughout entertainment dose with a lot of philosophy.

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