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Animal Control Season 3: Is It Happening?

Animal Control Season 3

Animal Control is a very popular sitcom that showcases a couple of people working for an animal control agency. This leads to some hilarious situations and moments of introspection. A creation of Rob Greenberg, Dan Sterling, and Bob Fisher, the series stars Joel McHale, Vella Lovell, and Michael Rowland in pivotal roles.

Animal Control Season 3
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The first season was released in 2023 and it became a success and led to the second season which aired in May 2024. Since then, there has been a buzz around Animal Control Season 3. We will dig into this and reveal the details.

How Did Animal Control Season 2 End?

Animal Control Season 2 aired between March 6th to May 8th, 2024 and its finale was called Beagles and Lemurs. It was penned by Natasha Williams while Clark Mathis helmed the episode. It showcases that Victoria was actually able to pass her test for citizens with good numbers.

We also see the pet cat of Frank disappears and it turns out it was stolen. There was a romantic track in the episode with Emily who has feelings hidden for Shred. But it turns out he is seeing some girl who is covered in mystery. Meanwhile, she is proposed by Rick. There is also something happening between Victoria and Frank.

Is Animal Control Season 3 Happening?

Animal Control Season 3 was commissioned by Fox in February before the second season was premiered. The series has been a very successful venture for both Fox and Hulu which led to the third season happening. Since the second season has left many plotlines hanging, we can expect them to be answered in Animal Control Season 3.

Is Animal Control Season 3 Happening?
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What To Expect From It?

The second season showcased Emily finally realizing that she feels for Shred. It doesn’t work in this season as he is already seeing someone and she is approached by Rick. But we can expect this track to happen in Animal Control Season 3. Viewers want the couple to be together which might happen in the future. The story arc of Frank will continue to be explored in the next season as he is trying to move and work in the Animal Control agency.

Meanwhile, Emily is also an interesting character who thrives to go ahead in life. The staple format of the show will be followed in the third season which revolves around the people of animal control. Shred and Patel have cleaned their house. But an accident takes place in the house which was left unexplored. The makers might touch upon this story in the next season.

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Who Will Be In The Cast?

Animal Control Season 3 will have the same cast as the second season. It will have Joel McHale playing Frank Shaw, while Vella Lovell plays the role of Emily Price. Other actors who will return are Michael Rowland (Fred Taylor aka Shred), Ravi V. Patel (Amit Patel), Grace Palmer (Victoria Sands), Alvina August (Colette Summers), Amy Goodmurphy (AM Dispatch), Kevin Bigley (Rick Doyle) and Krystal Smith (Bettany).

The season might also have new faces if the storyline warrants it. The main cast remains unchanged since they are the core of the story.

Who Will Be In The Cast?
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There is no clear indication regarding the release date, but we can speculate given how the earlier seasons were released. Animal Control Season 3 might drop in 2025 because the last two seasons have dropped each year.


Animal Control is a much-loved sitcom and it has some really likable characters in the front. The storyline revolves around people who work to care for animals. But their lives are more affected by the actions of human beings.

The first season got much love from viewers when it was released in 2023. This led to the second season which also became equally successful in 2024. Fans of the show are really happy that Animal Control Season 3 is happening. It will continue to explore another story with the same set of really charming characters. We can expect more updates around this season to come out in the coming days.