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Apples Never Fall Release Date, Plot And Everything We Know So Far

Peacock’s highly anticipated limited series, “Apples Never Fall,” draws inspiration from the bestselling novel by renowned author Liane Moriarty, celebrated for her works such as “Big Little Lies” and “Nine Perfect Strangers.”

The series’ examination of family dynamics and secret histories is expected to enthral viewers, and it is certainly supported by Moriarty’s talent for writing complex and gripping narratives. Now let’s talk more about Apples Never Fall.

Apples Never Fall

What Is The Plot Of Apples Never Fall?

The blockbuster book by Liane Moriarty served as the inspiration for the seven-episode television series “Apples Never Fall,” which reveals the subtleties of the seemingly perfect Delaney family.

After selling their successful tennis academy, former tennis trainers Stan (Neill) and Joy (Bening) have started a new chapter in their lives.

Anticipation and hope are generated by the thought of spending their golden years with their four adult children, who are portrayed by Jake Lacy, Alison Brie, Conor Merrigan-Turner, and Essie Randles.

What Is The Plot Of Apples Never Fall?

But when a damaged young lady shows in and brings an unanticipated amount of excitement, the Delaney family’s flawless façade starts to fall apart. The guest becomes a force for transformation, upending the dynamics of the family in ways they never imagined.

As the story progresses, Joy’s disappearance adds another level of complication, making the older children reconsider their parents’ purportedly perfect marriage. The family discovers long-kept truths throughout their search for explanations, revealing the less pleasant side of their peaceful life.

Do We Have A Release Date?

On March 14, the complete series will debut on the streaming site, guaranteeing audiences a binge-worthy experience. Also, the official teaser for Peacock’s much-awaited limited drama series “Apples Never Fall,” which stars a stellar cast, was just unveiled.

The teaser offers a peek beyond the Delaney family’s flawless exterior, as narrated by Annette Bening, who creates a gloomy atmosphere. The trailer teases the disintegration of the family’s peaceful image by showing moments of both verbal and physical fighting among the characters. The emphasis on Bening’s character Joy grows, raising the possibility that she is hiding something.

Do We Have A Release Date?

When a young woman who has been hurt shows up at Joy and Stan’s door, the story takes a dramatic turn. The couple’s relationship is given a boost by this unexpected guest, but things drastically change when Joy vanishes out of nowhere.

The teaser raises questions about the idea of a perfect marriage and forces the Delaney kids to face hard realities by hinting at the disclosure of family secrets. “Apples Never Fall” is ready to present an engrossing story that explores hidden family relationships while also providing tension and suspense.

The series will keep viewers on the edge of their seats, as the teaser sets the setting for an exciting and compelling story.

Who Stars In It And Who Created It?

The seven-episode plot of the eagerly awaited television series “Apples Never Fall,” which stars Sam Neill, Annette Bening, Jake Lacy, and Alison Brie, is sure to captivate viewers.

Under the direction of Melanie Marnich, an executive producer, writer, and show-runner best known for her work on “The OA” and “The Affair,” the series is expected to explore the intricacies of familial connections through its narrative.

David Heyman, an executive producer known for roles in films such as “Wonka” and “Barbie,” adds to the series’ artistic vision.

Who Stars In It And Who Created It?

“Apples Never Fall,” an adaptation of Liane Moriarty’s critically acclaimed novel that achieved New York Times bestseller status, delves into the complex dynamics inside the seemingly ideal Delaney family.

Under the direction of a group of accomplished professionals, the show is ready to enthral viewers with its intriguing plot, superb acting, and examination of familial secrets.


“Apples Never Fall” emerges as a highly anticipated limited series that brings Liane Moriarty’s bestselling novel to life. The show, which stars Sam Neill, Annette Bening, Jake Lacy, and Alison Brie among its excellent cast, is sure to enthral viewers with its examination of family dynamics and disclosure of secrets. The fascinating plot and the teaser set the stage for an engaging viewing experience.

Viewers can expect an engrossing and thrilling voyage into the truths that lay beneath the surface of the seemingly ideal Delaney family when the series premieres on March 14.

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