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Below Deck Season 12: Is It Happening? Everything We Know

Below Deck Season 11 Reunion

“Below Deck” has been a hit on Bravo since its debut in 2013, thanks to the captivating leadership of Captain Lee Rosbach! The show’s appeal lies in its dynamic cast, stunning locations, and relatable workplace drama, which keep viewers engaged season after season.

Viewers of season 11 witnessed a significant shift with the departure of Captain Lee due to health concerns. Captain Kerry Titheradge, previously from “Below Deck Adventure”, stepped in as his replacement. While initially jarring, fans quickly warmed up to Captain Kerry’s leadership style. Despite the change in leadership, the show continues to deliver drama and excitement.

As season 11 wrapped up, fans are already anticipating for season 12. “Below Deck” continues to thrive, maintaining its popularity and expanding its loyal fanbase. So, let’s see if we are getting another season any time soon.

Is Below Deck Getting Renewed For Season 12?

Good news for all the fans of the show because “Below Deck” Season 12 has been officially announced by Bravo and is set to return! On Tuesday, May 9, the network confirmed the series’ renewal, exciting fans who eagerly await the new season.

Viewers can look forward to more of the signature upstairs-downstairs drama, romantic tensions among the crew, and breathtaking locations that have made the show a standout.

Is Below Deck Getting Renewed For Season 12?
Credits: Bravo

Stay tuned for more details because we will be updating this page as soon as we get our hands on more information regarding the upcoming season of “Below Deck”.

Who Will Be In The Cast?

We know that the filming for “Below Deck” season 12 has already kicked off. So, speculation comes regarding the returning crew members. While Captain Kerry and Fraser are confirmed to be back, fans are eager to know who else will join them on board the St. David.

Who Will Be In The Cast?
Credits: Instagram

Some people are surprised by Fraser’s return, considering how difficult his time as Chief Stew was the season before. However, it appears that he has been given another opportunity to shine. On the other hand, fans might not be as excited about Bosun Ben Willoughby’s comeback. Though he has consistently appeared in recent charter seasons, there has been disappointment and drama.

Even though the entire cast list is unknown, there’s a glimmer of excitement to potentially see familiar faces like Sunny, Barbie, and Kyle once again. Their previous appearances have garnered positive reception from viewers, making them fan favourites.

Do We Have A Release Date?

If “Below Deck” continues its pattern of release dates, fans can expect the next season to premiere in early 2025. As of now, we don’t have a release date confirmed by the show creators. Previous seasons have debuted at different times due to scheduling adjustments, such as “Below Deck” season 11 premiering later than usual.

Do We Have A Release Date?
Credits: Bravo

Given the ongoing success of the franchise and the stability of “Below Deck Down Under”, it’s reasonable to anticipate “Below Deck” season 12 hitting screens approximately a year from now. So, stay tuned for more updates regarding season 12 of “Below Deck”.

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With Bravo’s official announcement of “Below Deck” Season 12, fans can rejoice in the anticipation of more thrilling adventures aboard St. David. While details about the cast and release date are yet to be revealed, the show’s continued success promises another season packed with drama, romance, and stunning locales.

As viewers eagerly await further updates, the renewal of “Below Deck” ensures that its legacy of captivating storytelling and engaging characters will continue to entertain audiences for seasons to come. Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we embark on another voyage with the crew of “Below Deck”!

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