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Beyond Paradise Season 2 Episode 6: What Happened In The Finale?

Beyond Paradise Season 2 Episode 6

The adored characters from “Beyond Paradise,” Martha and Humphrey, once again exceed expectations on their wedding day in a move that perfectly captures the quirky essence of their relationship.

Wearing their best clothes, Martha and Humphrey exchange vows of love and dedication against the lovely setting of a seaside ceremony. But in a turn of events typical of their nontraditional love story, the pair decides against becoming legally married. Why? Let’s find out.

Unconventional Vows: Martha and Humphrey’s Nontraditional Wedding in Beyond Paradise

The moment Humphrey kisses Martha and gently places a ring on her finger, it’s clear that their love goes beyond social conventions. Long-time fans know that Martha and Humphrey’s relationship defies labels, even though their choice may disappoint some people. Fans have excitedly rooted for their happiness throughout everything from their turbulent voyage in “Death in Paradise” to navigating the difficulties of previous relationships.

However, tensions arise in “Beyond Paradise,” as Martha and Humphrey confront Martha’s mother, Anne, about her expensive plans amid the chaos of their wedding day. When a call from social services intensifies the chaos, the situation gets worse. Still, in the middle of the family drama, the two are dedicated to their work.

Unconventional Vows: Martha and Humphrey's Nontraditional Wedding in Beyond Paradise
Credits: BBC

In an attempt to heal Anne’s wounded heart, Martha, troubled by her need to please her mother, reluctantly consents to the lavish wedding arrangements. But on the morning of the wedding, Martha’s mask falls off because she can no longer keep up the pretence. After telling Anne how she feels, she gets an unexpected response: to respect Martha and Humphrey’s requests for a more genuine celebration, Anne calls off the extravagant event.

There’s a flicker of hope that their dream of a small, private wedding could come true as they gather on the beach. This desire is dashed in Beyond Paradise, though, when Humphrey makes the remarkably unorthodox suggestion that they forgo marriage entirely. Martha accepts the choice, realising the importance of their connection.

Martha, Humphrey, and Ryan’s Journey into Foster Parenting

Later in the finale of “Beyond Paradise,” though Humphrey and Martha are disappointed not to get another shot at marriage, they take comfort in one other’s understanding. Looking back, their out-of-the-ordinary decision fits their path exactly, reaffirming their preference for authenticity above tradition. It’s a choice that perfectly captures the spirit of Martha and Humphrey’s love story, which is one of abandonment, tenacity, and unshakable loyalty to one another.

Martha, Humphrey, and Ryan's Journey into Foster Parenting
Credits: BBC

Despite their early reservations and fears about fostering without being married, Martha and Humphrey discover that they are embarking on a journey of resilience and growth they never would have imagined. During their non-wedding day, they meet Ryan, a lively little child they met in the Christmas special, who turns out to be an unexpected blessing. A tragic event in the family drives Ryan to arrive, strengthening Martha and Humphrey’s desire to give him a stable and loving home.

Martha and Humphrey learn that their family is stronger than they had thought as they work through the difficulties of fostering while also addressing their interpersonal dynamics. Even though their wedding preparations fell through, their relationship with Ryan and each other only gets stronger in the face of difficulty.

How Does The Episode End?

Later in “Beyond Paradise,” Anne’s selfless decision to call off the lavish wedding leaves Martha and Humphrey in shock as they adjust to the sudden change of events on the beach. They learn the value of putting their own happiness ahead of society’s standards thanks to Anne’s comforting words.

Martha and Humphrey, surrounded by their closest friends, enjoy the casual atmosphere of the get-together, seeing it as a reflection of their actual wedding day wishes. Their capacity for humour even in the face of chaos is highlighted by Martha’s lighthearted recollection of the previous dress rehearsal mishap.

Further in “Beyond Paradise,” CS Woods praises Humphrey and his group for a job well done on the day that resulted in the return of Douglas’ stolen statue and the resolution of the internet technicians’ case. She declares that the Shipton Abbott station house will remain open, crediting Kelby’s outstanding work for its success.

How Does The Episode End?
Credits: BBC

In the meantime on “Beyond Paradise”, Humphrey withdraws once more while Sandy leads her 60s exercise class. In a private message, CS Woods expresses gratitude to Kelby for taking care of Ella, pointing out his attentiveness and comparing it with her failings. Their quick conversation has an air of familial friendliness, but it might cause HR some trouble.

Amidst applause and the distant strains of Dusty Springfield’s “I Only Want To Be With You,” Humphrey proposes to Martha with the open ring box. Martha joyfully accepts, sealing their decision with a kiss. Surrounded by their loved ones, they embrace the unconventional moment, solidifying their commitment to each other in their unique way.


In the heartwarming finale of “Beyond Paradise,” Martha and Humphrey’s unconventional love story reaches a poignant conclusion as they exchange vows of commitment in their own unique way. Despite the twists and turns, their bond with each other and their newfound family is stronger than ever.

Surrounded by loved ones and amidst laughter and tears, they embark on the next chapter of their journey, knowing that their love will continue to defy expectations and flourish in the paradise they’ve created together.

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