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Bridgerton Season 3 Episode 1 Recap and Review: Things Have Changes Between Colin and Penelope

Bridgerton Season 3 Episode 1 Recap

The four episodes of Bridgerton Season 3, which make up Part 1 of the season, have officially landed on Netflix. The first episode of the season is definitely the most important one as it sets up the tone for the rest of the episodes, whilst also laying the foundation of the main plotline which will be followed, aka the story of Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton.

Fans have desperately been waiting for Bridgerton Season 3, and as far as the first episode goes, things couldn’t have been better. While the focus remains on Penelope and Colin, with stunning performances from Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton, the episode also swiftly takes the viewers through the other characters who will be important this season. Stick around and check out our review of Bridgerton Season 3 Episode 1!

Penelope Featherington is Ready for a Change

There’s a sense of whimsy in the air when it comes to Bridgerton Season 3 Episode 1 since it is only just the beginning of the much-anticipated season. Of course, this episode focuses heavily on Penelope Featherington who seems lonelier than ever, especially after her broken friendship with Eloise Bridgerton and because of the lack of a partner, unlike the rest of her sisters.

Penelope Featherington is Ready for a Change
Credit: Netflix

While Penelope is often seen sulking in Bridgerton Season 3 Episode 1, Colin Bridgerton on the other hand has completely changed. He seems more confident, flirty, and sure of himself, and the women have noticed that too, as they spend a fair share of their time flocking around him. This new personality shift of Colin doesn’t sit right with Penelope, especially considering how things turned sour between the two.

While Penelope and Colin simply needed a conversation to mend their friendship, with Colin offering Penelope a helping hand, we see Penelope continue to struggle with her feelings for the dashing Bridgerton. Bridgerton Season 3 Episode 1 was packed with scattered scenes of these two characters, which help establish the foundation of what’s to come.

Bridgerton Season 3 Episode 1 Recap and Review
Credit: Netflix

In addition, Kate and Anthony Bridgerton will continue to be the fan favorites this season too, because all their scenes are full of love, and laughter, and the sensual scenes filled with playfulness are a cherry on top. One thing that truly struck a chord was Kate’s relationship with her mother-in-law, Violet. Their budding relationship is rather heartwarming and only adds another brilliant layer to the season.

Kate and Anthony Bridgerton
Credit: Netflix

Bridgerton Season 3 Episode 1 has several great moments and it is tough to pick a favorite, but the episode’s end with Colin’s anger towards Lady Whistledown, aka Penelope (Thank you Eloise for keeping the secret intact) was one that definitely stood out as the plot only gets thicker from here.

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Bridgerton Season 3 is off to a great start with plenty of swoon-worthy moments which is exactly what the fans were looking forward to! Do let us know in the comments if Episode 1 lived up to your expectations.