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Cross: All You Need to Know About Amazon Prime’s Upcoming Series


1993 saw the beginning of the thriller book series, Alex Cross, written by James Patterson, which then went on to include some of the best-selling books in the genre, and have previously been adapted into movies over the decades. Now, it’s time for Alex Cross to appear on the small screen, which brings us to Amazon Prime’s upcoming series, Cross, and we’re here to tell you all about it!

Ben Watkins (Quest to Ref, Burn Notice) will serve as executive producer and showrunner of Cross. While this series has been in pre-production and production for a while now, there have been some latest developments, which also hint at the release of the series.

So, make sure you stick around to find out everything you need to know about Cross, from the plot to the cast and much more.

What is the Plot of Cross?

In the books, the character Alex Cross is a forensic psychologist as well as a detective, which will be reflected in the upcoming series. The premise of this series will focus on the main character, Alex, and the cases he solves, along with the villains that he interacts with and understands because of his work. There’s a lot of danger that lies ahead when it comes to Alex’s life and you can catch a glimpse of it in the teaser trailer of the series.

The Cast of Cross

Taking on the main role of Alex Cross in the upcoming series, Cross, is none other than Aldis Hodge. Hodge has previously appeared in movies and shows like Black Adam, Brian Banks, The Invisible Man, What Men Want and City on a Hill. However, Cross might just become Hodge’s biggest project so far!

The Cast of Cross
Credit: YouTube/Prime Video

Joining Hodge in the cast of Cross are Ryan Eggold (New Amsterdam, The Blacklist), Alona Tal (Hand of God, Broken City), Johnny Ray Gill (Shadow of Fear, Rollers), Eloise Mumford (The Presence of Love, A Veteran’s Christmas), and  Isaiah Mustafa (Shadowhunters, Home Team) amongst others.

When and Where Can You Watch Cross?

So far, Prime Video has released a teaser trailer for the series and it has been hinted that this thriller series will be available for streaming on the platform sometime in 2024, however, the exact date has not been confirmed just yet. We will make sure this section of our website stays updated with any news about Cross, so make sure you keep a lookout!


For anyone who is a fan of crime thrillers, the series will be right up your alley. As for anyone looking to dip their toes into this particular genre, this upcoming series on Prime Video might be a great place to start! Let us know in the comments below if you will be adding Cross to your list.

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