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Damsel Review: A Conventional Yet Occasionally Captivating Fantasy Adventure

Damsel Review

In “Damsel,” Elodie reverses her fate by defying convention. Hastily married and presented as a dragon’s bait, she is no defenceless maiden. Equipped with wit and bravery, she takes charge, facing the beast and changing the course of her narrative.

This feminist story breaks free from stereotypes and celebrates Elodie as a modern heroine, eliminating weakness. If you want to know whether or not you should stream the movie, read on to learn more about it.

Credits: Netflix

Elodie’s Royal Marriage And Dark Customs In Damsel

Elodie (Millie Bobby Brown) embarks on a terrifying journey after discovering a dark plot behind her royal marriage. The story takes a predictable turn when she arrives at the dragon’s lair. The creature’s design is stunning, but its constant taunting becomes old quickly.

The film’s visual splendour captivates with its rich landscapes and elaborate costumes. However, the narrative falters and lacks depth and originality as it enters the dragon’s kingdom. Despite its potential, Elodie’s trip doesn’t go beyond the typical plot devices.

There is a dark custom in the realm of Aurea, which is headed by Queen (Robin Wright), which involves offering young girls as sacrifices to a terrifying fire-breathing monster. However, unlike her forebears, Elodie fights fate and looks like she might survive. The narrative arc is set against stunning cinematography, even though it is filled with fantasy fans’ favourite clichés.

Elodie’s Royal Marriage And Dark Customs In Damsel
Credits: Netflix

The unique aspects of “Damsel” are not its predictability but rather the nuanced and captivating details that are skillfully woven throughout the narrative. As the story progresses, the anticipated partnership between Elodie and the dragon—a once-feared creature—occurs, but what really grabs attention is how this happens, providing a novel take on well-worn themes of bravery and amends.

Unlike the damsels-in-training stories of old, Elodie breaks with tradition by using her intelligence to reveal the sinister truths underlying the sacrifice custom. “Damsel” subverts social standards by critically critiquing decades of established patriarchal rule. Even if it occasionally verges on contrived narrative, it welcomes the positive shift that is made clear by inclusive casting and discourse.

Stereotypes are challenged when Elodie shows up as an uncommon role model. If the movie changes the way that young women view the word “damsel,” giving it a stronger connotation instead of a more fragile one, it represents a profound cultural change.

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Elodie’s Survival Kit

Elodie cleverly repurposes fabric for protection and movement in a scene that looks like it may come from a video game adventure. She dresses herself in lovely shreds. As she descends more into the cave, she discovers a dismal scene: the bodies of other princesses, their names scratched dejectedly into the walls.

Unfazed, she finds glowing worms that light her way through the shadows. Elodie encounters one challenge after another, her will strong even in the face of moments of terror, and the tension grows.

Being by herself for a considerable amount of time allows her resourcefulness and fortitude to get through the difficult environment. But when more characters show up, there are unexpected risks that raise the stakes and the sensation of danger in this suspenseful scene.

Elodie’s Survival Kit
Credits: Variety

“Damsel” attempts, but ultimately fails, to combine themes of empowerment and redemption with dark fantasy. Even if it might draw in die-hard fantasy fans or others looking for light amusement, astute viewers might find it shallow. The ending, which is similar to “How to Train Your Dragon,” is unoriginal and falls short of providing a satisfying closure to the film’s thematic goals.

Although interesting at moments, Elodie’s path comes across as conventional and predictable. Even with these flaws, the movie occasionally provides some amusement, even though it stays within the fantasy genre. Ultimately, “Damsel” may not reinvent the wheel, but it offers enough fun for those looking for a recognisable fantasy experience.


Within the boundaries of dark fantasy, “Damsel” sets out on a quest for empowerment and redemption, but it ultimately falls short of its lofty goals. Although it might be appealing to loyal fantasy fans looking for a well-known adventure, some viewers might be let down by its conventional plot and cliches.

Notwithstanding its shortcomings, there are some moments of amusement and breathtaking scenery throughout the movie. Still, its shallowness and lack of creativity keep it from really innovating the genre. So, if you are into fantasy movies and want to give this one a try, you can stream it on Netflix. However, even if you skip it, you wouldn’t be missing anything.

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